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Three Is Better Than One

This music video from Steve Shane is really good. Loads of effort and thought put into it. Coordinating the timing of all three iPhones is a challenge in itself, and we love the song very much too. Steve actually put up the three links below to encourage people to make their own videos.

iPhone #1
This is the one you will start first. It’s the one with the audio track.

iPhone #2
This is the one you will start second – when iPhone #1 is at 10 seconds.

iPhone #3
This is the one you will start last – when iPhone #2 is at 5 seconds. It counts down from 5 and then the video starts. Have fun!

All these new wedding video ideas make us look forward to wedding receptions a lot more. A couple from Hong Kong took the challenge and came up with their own wedding day montage. The video went viral in Hong Kong. The groom posted their video on Steve’s page, and when he saw the video, he replied: “I am so honoured! Thank you and CONGRATS! You are amazing! That was beautiful! I can’t tell you how touched I am. And your love looks so incredible! CONGRATS!!”

Steve Shane’s Official Video
Song ‘Every Pretty Smile’ (Official Music Video) by Steve Shane / Directed by Behn Fannin / Starring Rileah Vanderbilt

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