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Flowers and decor by Wishing Tree

Most bridal couples using The Club Saujana Resort opt for a garden ceremony but this couple decided to use the private dining room at The Restaurant instead. It was the first time Wishing Tree had done an indoor ceremony at this venue, and it turned out great.

Wishing Tree: “Our couple, Dawn and Rudi, live in Hong Kong, but came back to Rudi’s hometown of Kuala Lumpur for an intimate ceremony with close family and friends.

“We love the simplicity of the private dining room, which allows for décor to be easily customised. We draped the walls, brought in the chiavari chairs and installed the white carpeting for the aisle. We also did the arch with the customised “D & R” initials and the sewn-on “mat” at the start of the aisle.

Flowers and decor by Wishing Tree. The Club at the Saujana, Kuala Lumpur

Flowers and decor by Wishing Tree

“The bride initially wanted only roses for her wedding, but changed her mind when we suggested including baby’s breath and lush, bountiful hydrangeas. Baby’s breath is normally used as a “filler” or in a “supporting” role in floral arrangements, but this time we tried to use them on their own in large amounts.

“We kept the bridal bouquet simple and elegant with just red roses and a touch of green nosa. The bride wanted to keep her bouquet, so we made a smaller one for the bouquet tossing. That’s brilliant for brides who want to hang on to their bouquets.

Flowers and decor by Wishing Tree

Malaysia wedding florist Wishing Tree Kuala Lumpur

“We kept the décor for the ceremony venue classic and elegant. For the entrance, we framed it with white drapes and a lush arrangement of baby’s breath and Taiwanese ivy dangling from the top. The drapes are held in place with more Taiwanese ivy, as well as bunches of roses and hydrangeas. We also set up two arrangements of roses, hydrangeas and baby’s breath that were placed on tall stands and decorated with floor-length tassels and candles.

“Bunches of lush, pink hydrangeas were attached to seats on both sides of the aisle, while the floor was covered in baby’s breath. For the main arch, we used lots and lots of hydrangeas, with some roses, baby’s breath and Taiwanese ivy. Using different shades of pink with touches of white and green added even more dimension to the textures of the flowers.”

Wishing Tree Kuala Lumpur.

Flowers and Decor by Wishing Tree / Photography by Jim Liaw Photography / Venue The Club Saujana Resort, Kuala Lumpur / Wedding Planning by Elysium Weddings

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