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Vintage Polaroid Camera Wedding Invitations

Creative wedding invitations. Multifolds Photography.

If we ever received such an invite, it would surely go into our treasure box of goodness. We knew you would be just as interested about them as we were. So we grilled the bride on everything, from the conception of the idea and the cost right down to the production process. Jeri and Bern designed, sent to print and folded these invitations themselves.Multifolds Photography is so fortunate to have had such cool clients! Read more about their wedding here.

Vintage Polaroid Camera Wedding Invitations. Multifolds Photography.

Vintage polaroid camera wedding invitations. Multifolds Photography.

The Concept

“Bern has always had an interest in vintage collectibles – TVs, bicycles, cameras, computers, etc. It was during our initial brainstorming with our wedding planner, Jessica from Wedrock Weddings, that she suggested we use things that we both like and that fit our wedding theme as well. We decided straightaway on the idea of a vintage camera, with inserts for “film”. It sounded good and simple. Or so we thought.”

The Process

“Bern started exploring different cameras and decided on his Polaroid SX-70 for the actual design. He spent a weekend on it, and voila! He’d made a three dimensional mockup and we were totally blown away.

“He spent the next two weeks getting the details right, doing mockup after mockup, before we finally decided it was perfect. From printing to getting them die cut took us about two weeks. But folding them one by one took us more than two months to get the 90 sets done.”


S$510 Die cut mould and service
S$770 Printing of camera
S$180 Printing of inserts
S$150 Box (to fit the camera)
S$ 90 Sticker labels

*Estimated cost by the printer for 90 pieces

Coolest wedding invitations. Multifolds Photography.

Multifolds Photography.

Multifolds Photography.

Multifolds Photography.

Multifolds Photography.

Photo by Multifolds Photography

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