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World Cup 2014 PSA

Photo by Raymond Phang Photography.

Photo by Raymond Phang Photography

Dear Wife-to-be,

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will run from 13 June to 14 July. Here are the ground rules to ensure a happy relationship during this period, and in our future as husband and wife:

#01 The TV belongs to me for the entire duration of the World Cup. That means no Korean dramas and TV serials. Highlights, post-match analysis and repeats are just as important as the ‘LIVE’ matches.

#02 All wedding planning agendas/discussions will be on hold during this period UNLESS our wedding involves football or our honeymoon is to be in a football mecca.

#03 You shall inform the wedding photographer that we will not be shooting our bridal portraits during this period; otherwise a lot of Photoshop will be required for my eye bags.

#04 No shopping for wedding related stuff over the weekend, as I will be recuperating from my lack of sleep.

#05 You shall not talk during the game. If absolutely necessary, please wait till half time or hold your tongue till the end of the match. (Yes, I agree with you on the colour and the theme.)

#06 You shall not, under any circumstances, obscure my view of the television when I am watching a match.

#07 You shall not ask stupid questions like, “Who is this good-looking player?” Everyone knows all the good-looking men play for either Spain or Italy.

#08 Date nights during this period will consist of watching matches at my house with my friends. Please remember to smile EXCEPT when my team is losing.

#09 Just because the team I support has been eliminated does not mean that I will no longer watch the other matches.

#10 You shall only support the team that I support. Yes, even if it’s neither Spain nor Italy.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Everything will return to normal after 14 July 2014.

Yours sincerely,


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