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Dramatic Paper Wedding Dress

Paper bridal gown. Raymond Phang Photography.

We believe that every photographer has his/her own photography style so how do you distinguish a set of photos from that of a different couple if they were taken by the same photographer? Unless you let your photographer into your life, you won’t see any difference. Each couple has a story to tell, even if you aren’t looking for something too conceptual or staged.

The best thing about Raymond Phang and his team is that they are extremely good at interpreting each couple’s story and transforming it into a piece of art. Oftentimes that means taking on clients who aren’t afraid to explore different things. Sandora and Joshua, thanks for letting us share your pictures and may these photos remind you to always be adventurous in your journey ahead.

Creative bridal portraits. Raymond Phang Photography.

Raymond Phang Photography.

Concept paper bridal gown. Raymond Phang Photography.

Paper bridal gown. Raymond Phang Photography.

SANDORA & JOSHUA {Singapore}

Art Direction and Photography by Raymond Phang Photography

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