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Azlan Iskandar, one of Malaysia’s world-class squash athletes, wed Ung Yiu Lin, founder of Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, and Klutched at the end of last year. We are so proud to feature this video by Shiroku Production, especially because our creative director Chaiyen and our designer Wee-Mei were commissioned to help create it.

The video tells the story of how the couple met. They didn’t want a typical sweet, lovey-dovey video. It doesn’t represent them very well, and they wanted a slightly dark, fantasy feel. So they went with a Tim Burton-esque style.

Believe us, Wee-Mei went to a lot of effort to illustrate all these graphics. And even though we were the ones who came up with most of the graphics, we are still very much in awe of the final results, and of how the team at Shiroku Production made everything come to life by animating it and adding sounds.

YIU LIN & AZLAN {Malaysia}

Produced by Shiroku Production / Executive Producer Peter Chin
 / Directed by Nicky Tan / 
Produced by Imee Kamalia / 
Creative Direction by Jay Sheldon
 / Script by Catherine Ooi
 / Design Lead Chaiyen Wong / 
Illustrations by Wee-Mei Tan / 
Animation and Motion Design by Nicky Tan, Yoke Wan, Carmen Chan Jia Myn / 
Audio by Chris Higgs / Voiceover by Jay Sheldon

{Read our magazine for the more detailed interview}


  • Zannah

    oh my, this is one of the most creative animation short film for a wedding event. Can’t believe Malaysia has talent for this sort of work. Great storytelling, and good of Shiroku Production to bring entertainment value to the production.

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