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    7 Stylish Fashion Ideas For Your Bridal Portraits

    Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style, from your choice of wedding dress right down to the décor. If veering off the beaten path for your wedding gown is too big of a leap, why not do something different with your bridal portraits instead? Perhaps this is the time to live your fashion editorial fantasies by infusing your photoshoot with some serious high fashion. Check out these brides who jumped at the chance: #01 Lace Top With A Dramatic Skirt Story: The Most Amazing Places On Earth: Bucket List Post-Wedding Portraits by Metrophoto Story: Timeless And Romantic Seaside Bridal Portraits In Capri, Italy by Bottega53 Lace is…

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    7 Picture Perfect Places For Snowy Bridal Portraits

    What is it about snow that instantly paints a magic brush over everything? That romantic dusting of powder, the majestic and moody ice-topped mountains, the dreamy blanket of white over everything – it’s so beautiful, and an adventurous shift from our tropical weather of course! Sure, it might get a little cold, but what’s a couple of frozen minutes for photos that will last a lifetime, right? These following brides certainly were not afraid to travel to some far-flung places for that winter wonderland feel. #01 Iceland Story: Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland by Acapella Photography There’s something wonderfully exotic about Iceland, with its terrain that’s unlike anywhere…

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    From Paris To Budapest

    They don’t call Paris the City of Love for nothing. Taken in Paris and Budapest, with the hauntingly beautiful European architecture that’s lasted through the centuries as a backdrop, these bridal portraits are classic with a tinge of drama and mystery. Making it all complete was the bride, who was a vision in red in that glamorous wedding gown. Many thanks to Acapella Photography for this beautiful set of bridal portraits!

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine July 2016 – Issue 15

    From the familiar sight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the opulent interior of Basilica Santa Maria in Rome to the breathtaking ocean views of Phuket and Boracay, this issue is a reminder of the beauty that is found all around the world and will make you fall in love with love all over again. Also, check out some bucket list-worthy destinations for bridal portraits, plus the latest bridal collections that have something for every destination wedding theme. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland

    Forget the dreamy tropics and pristine beaches, the romantic city lights or lush greens, how about travelling to the ends of the Earth for a change of scenery? Specifically Iceland, where it’s a real breathtaking experience of what Mother Nature is capable of. The deep blue glaciers, snowcapped mountains and clear sky against granite rocks definitely add an element of drama and magic to these bridal portraits. Thank you to Joe of Acapella Photography for sharing with us such this stunning set of photos.

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine April 2016 – Issue 14

    Whether it’s booking up an entire boutique hotel to house all your guests or having a steamboat party up in the highlands, we love how cosy and fun weddings are becoming these days. Meanwhile, destination bridal portraits are still as popular as ever, with some truly adventurous couples heading out to cold, uncharted territory. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine October 2014 – issue 08

    This issue is filled with all things romantic and dreamy: trend highlights from New York International Bridal Fashion Week, including tulle and pastel shades; graceful ballerina bridal portraits; and beautiful colour palettes and blooms from real weddings that are sure to capture your heart. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Ballet In Paris

    Not all ballet shoes are created equal. Repetto is a brand that has ruled the market and the hearts of ballerine lovers all over the world for more than 65 years. So imagine how significant this trip is to a ballerina when she gets to document her whole day literally dancing in the streets of Paris and in the boutique itself. Besides the fact that Acapella Photography did their usual magnificent job in Europe. As if there weren’t enough reasons to fall in love with Paris already, check out the second part of the shoot here.

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    The Grandeur Of Paris

    Acapella Photography did their usual magnificent job in Europe, we love all the grand new spaces that they have included in this shoot. As if there weren’t enough reasons to fall in love with Paris already. Also check out their ballerina conceptual shoot. JILYN & CHRISTOPER {Europe} Art Direction and Photography by Acapella Photography
 / Hair by Danielle Carson / 
Makeup by Charles Gillman Cosmetics / 
Gowns by The Wedding Present

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    Bonjour, Paris

    There are so many beautiful places for a photoshoot in Paris, with its amazing architecture and Parisian cafés all around. The red dress definitely looked amazing, and of course, the Louvre Pyramid was one of our favourite spaces too. KELYN & WARDY {Europe} Photography by Acapella Photography / Location Eiffel Tower and Louvre Pyramid, Paris

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2013 – issue 01

    The Wedding Notebook magazine is an online wedding magazine that not only feature beautiful inspirational weddings but new creative ideas. This magazine features the best compilations of real weddings, styled bridal portraits and more in our website from the last quarter. You’ll have more in-depth interviews and tips from the newlyweds and photographers. Don’t forget to check out our site, where you’ll find more real weddings to inspire your big day. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Acapella Photography

    Website www.acapella.sg / Facebook Acapella Photography / Instagram @acapellaphotography / Email joe[at]acapella.sg / Contact Number +65 8128 1225 / Address 30 Kuo Chuan Ave, Singapore 426926 Founder Joe Teng has managed to integrate both his talent in landscape photography and his interest in weddings to create a most distinctive perspective. His pictures possess a postmodern romantic flavour, classic in its elegance and breathtakingly unique in its graphic stylistic elements. The smiling expectancy of the groom, the resplendent allure of the bride, every grin and chuckle – all will be captured by Joe. He occupies the role of ardent observer, whilst professionally capturing for eternity the most special moments of a…