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    Alexandra Grecco Spring 2020 Bridal Collection

    As romantic as its name suggests, Alexandra Grecco’s latest bridal collection, Lover of Mine, is a sweet and elegant addition to all that Spring 2020 has to offer. Once again, the designer successfully balances modern elements with effortless style, and even though this collection strays from tradition in some ways, its beautiful use of high quality fabrics and intricate hand embroidery, sourced carefully from all around the world, ensures that the gowns will always carry that classic and timeless touch.

  • Alexandra Grecco Fall 2019 Bridal Collection

    Alexandra Grecco Fall 2019 Bridal Collection

    Making its debut at New York Bridal Fashion Week this year is Alexandra Grecco’s Fall 2019 collection, titled “Cloud Nine”. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy, the collection features bold floral embroidery, whimsical silhouettes, unique laces and exquisite fabrics. As the designer explained, “This past summer we vacationed in Italy and visited so many beautiful places. One of my favourite memories was walking through an olive grove, listening to the crickets and taking in the untamed beauty of it all. I tried to envision someone getting married in a wild garden or olive grove, and that’s what these gowns are made for.”