• Photo by Androidsinboots. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Ideas,  Inspirations

    High Fashion Meets Fine Art In Conceptual Photoshoot

    Inspiration for a bridal photoshoot can come from anywhere. Don’t be confined to the tried-and-true styles used in the industry but look for a unique angle of your own. The best way to personalise your own photos is by incorporating your interests, hobbies or passions into it. Many thanks to AndroidsinBoots for sharing this extraordinary set of photos with us!

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    When A Wedding Photographer Weds

    Have you ever wondered what photographers do for their own nuptials if all they see week in, week out are weddings? How do they make their weddings different so it doesn’t feel like just another event? Brian Ho of thegaleria recently tied the knot with Justine, a lawyer by day and second violinist of VOX by night. Brian is one of the pioneers of film photography in Singapore, and his wife Justine is also an avid film photographer with a mean collection of lomo cameras. They wanted their wedding to be a representation of what they love – film photography and handmade stuff. That’s how the idea of the “film…