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    Colourful and Artsy Bridal Portraits At ArtScience Museum, Singapore

    The ‘Future World: Where Art Meets Science’ exhibition by teamLab at ArtScience Museum has certainly made its rounds on social media, and we love how these newlyweds took it one step further by making it part of their bridal portraits. The bright and joyful digital playground served as a great backdrop for the couple to mark the beginning of their new chapter. Many thanks to Andri Tei Photography for capturing these beautiful shots!

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2021 – Issue 33

    It’s the dawn of a new era for weddings, and we are here to explore the spectrum of possibilities. How fortunate that we live in a part of the world that is rich in culture, heritage and pristine beaches. Immerse yourself in the art world, as couples adapt art spaces for a bridal shoot and a wedding. Also included in this issue are an intimate garden wedding and an artistic styled shoot, both of which were held at home. From dusty shades and neutral hues to exuberant floral arrangements as part of a tropical theme, there is something for every bride. We love the creativity that is emerging in such…

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    A Gamer-themed Garden Wedding At Hortpark, Singapore

    Themed nuptials are best pulled off by couples who are completely dedicated to their theme, and this gamer-inspired wedding was no exception. From having the bridal march-in music to Final Fantasy’s main orchestral theme song to exchanging their vows under a banner that said “Achievement Unlocked”, this couple infused every little detail of their big day with gamer-inspired facets. Meanwhile, the natural midday sunlight and garden setting made for some beautiful photos from Andri Tei Photography.

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    A Rustic DIY Wedding At Food For Thought At Singapore Botanic Gardens

    Do-it-yourself weddings have taken off in popularity and it’s a chance for couple’s to show some creativity. The chandelier was a brilliant alternative to a tedious Pinterest tutorial. Thanks, Andri Tei Photography, for sending us this set. Maryanne: “Most of our memorable moments were shared with the people that we love the most. It was a great moment to see my parents and my sister in the morning before the whole day began, having our family and friends witness our union in the presence of God, and being surprised by my husband who composed a song in English and Mandarin. That was a real pleasant surprise. “It was really amazing…

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    Spinning Pinwheel As The Sun Sets

    The weather was rather cloudy on the first day of the shoot, but luckily for them, their photographer, Andri Tei, was able to extend their session to the following day, and they were greeted with the perfect sunlight. Andri added: “The sunset was really quite magical, it was all a photographer could ask for. I have always believed that when you have the right lighting, the rest will fall into place nicely.” We couldn’t agree more. There is something very appealing about these two but we can’t quite put our finger on it. We also love the colourful pinwheel that was used again for their wedding day. Great continuation!

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    A Beach Wedding At Mana Mana Beach Club

    There is so much to love about this wedding. No fluffy gown for the bride, just a lovely, flowy dress, the couple choosing to let their feet feel the texture of the sand by going barefoot. Simple DIY décor and a ceremony that was attended by only their closest friends and family. This is exactly the way a beach wedding should be. Did we mention that it was held just at East Coast Park? Andri Tei did an awesome job documenting this. The bridesmaids and flowergirls in coral were the perfect finishing touch on top of all the beautiful floral arrangements that were put together by the guys. And the…

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    Return Of The Legend

    Stephanie and Ronald did their bridal portraits in both Singapore and Bali. The Singapore one was more formal, and was done at the National Museum. We are especially impressed by Ronald’s kung fu pose in front of the Bruce Lee poster. The Bali set, on the other hand, was more casual and relaxed. Andri Tei: “Ronald is my primary school friend. We thoroughly enjoyed both the photoshoots. The Bali trip was more of a holiday than a wedding photoshoot. It was definitely one of the most memorable photoshoots I’ve had thus far.” STEPHANIE & RONALD {Singapore and Indonesia} Photography by Andri Tei Photography / Location National Museum, Singapore and Bali

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    Andri Tei Photography

    Website www.andritei.com / Facebook Andri Tei Photography / Instagram @andritei / Email info[at]andritei.com / Contact Number +65 8138 2712 / Based in Singapore A street photographer turned wedding photographer, Andri did not discover his passion for weddings until 2011 when he shot his first major wedding. It’s the satisfaction of being able to capture raw, passionate and quirky moments that motivates him and makes him look forward to every shoot. His style is very much a marriage of traditional journalistic photography with a naturalistic touch. This ties in with his belief that every wedding is unique and naturally beautiful, and that it is up to the photographer to discover and…