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    Dreamy Beachside Bridal Portraits in Western Australia

    For their bridal portraits, this couple juxtaposed their favourite warm, earthy tones against the cool, bright colours of the ocean and seaside. The Western Australian beaches of Fremantle and Yallingup set a beautiful stage for the lovebirds to capture their soon-to-be-married glow. Featuring both traditional and casual looks, these wonderful shots range from cosy and intimate to dramatic and romantic. Many thanks to Anson’s Photography for this gorgeous set. HUI RUU & ZHENG KANG {Australia} Photography by Anson’s Photography / Wedding Gown by Gelly Wee Signature / Groom’s Attire by ZARA / Styling and Makeup by Megan Khor / Bridal Bouquet by Zest Flower /Location Fremantle, Yallingup, Western Australia

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    Artistic Monochromatic Bridal Portraits in Sydney

    Could your bridal portraits become art? How awesome would it be for guests to realise that the artwork hanging in your home is also your bridal portraits? These newlyweds have the right idea – playing with negative space, using shadows, and getting creative with black and white photos. Those sand dunes are a gorgeous and unique backdrop too. Love this set by Aldo of Axioo.

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    A Rustic Chic, Dusty Pink Vineyard Wedding in the Yarra Valley

    With deep, moody hues set against bright white blooms, and dark eucalyptus leaves contrasting textured wheat stalks, this chic wedding was simply gorgeous! The ivy-covered walls and warm wooden textures were the perfect backdrop, and we especially love the ceiling bouquet of flowers that took the place of a chandelier! The bride looked absolutely resplendent in her lacy bridal gown and classic jewellery, and the entire bridal party was truly a sight to behold. Many thanks to Jasmine A. Photography for this unbelievably beautiful set of photos.

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    A Pink Rustic Garden Wedding at Emu Bottom Homestead, Australia

    With a classic wedding palette of white, green, light pink and champagne, this dreamy wedding had lots of heart, set against a rustic backdrop of woodsy elements and simple garden textures. Paying homage to their adopted home of Australia, the newlyweds centred their theme on an Australian wildflower: the king protea, which is known for its deep hues of coral and pink. The gorgeous wildflowers were a trendy touch, as was the circular backdrop for when the couple exchanged their vows. Many thanks to Anson’s Photography for this beautiful set of photos!

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    7 Picture Perfect Places For Snowy Bridal Portraits

    What is it about snow that instantly paints a magic brush over everything? That romantic dusting of powder, the majestic and moody ice-topped mountains, the dreamy blanket of white over everything – it’s so beautiful, and an adventurous shift from our tropical weather of course! Sure, it might get a little cold, but what’s a couple of frozen minutes for photos that will last a lifetime, right? These following brides certainly were not afraid to travel to some far-flung places for that winter wonderland feel. #01 Iceland Story: Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland by Acapella Photography There’s something wonderfully exotic about Iceland, with its terrain that’s unlike anywhere…

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    A Charming Old World Chateau Wedding in Australia

    What is it about the past that makes it so fascinating and romantic? Held in an old world French chateau, this wedding was a fairytale in every way, from the prestige classic cars to the elaborate couture gowns and the impressive floral arrangements. We couldn’t believe this was actually in Victoria, Australia. Every detail of this wedding put together by Ruffles and Bells was beautifully captured, and on analogue film too. Much credit to Lilli Kad Photography for these exceptional photos!

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    Bridal Portraits Shot at Cactus Country, Australia

    It’s been proven time and time again – all you really need for a great set of bridal portraits are a willing couple and the expertise of a remarkable photographer. Also, we just love the display of nature in these images. Thank you for these, Louis Gan Photography! Cactus Country is home to over 4,000 species of cacti and succulents from around the world. The couple is clearly in love with the assorted shapes and sizes of these plants, which provided them with plenty of different shots. The concentration of plants also saved them time that they would have otherwise needed to travel to different locations.

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    Resplendent Blush on White Wedding at Darlington Estate Perth

    Behind every beautiful wedding is a story of priorities and decisions. From the gorgeous cathedral where they said their vows to the charming oaken reception hall, Darlington Estate brought this couple’s every conceivable wedding ideal to life. This Indonesian couple living in Australia had made the decision to host their wedding in Perth, and very quickly, they found the idea of hosting their wedding in a winery with a rustic concept appealing and feasible. The estate would be private and secluded, just as they desired. The couple rolled up their sleeves and infused everything that mattered to them into the day, organising the wedding themselves and enlisting the help of…

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    Ivory and Blush Ocean View Wedding at Sergeant Mess Sydney

    Here at The Wedding Notebook, we have always marvelled at brides who manage their own weddings, especially when there are multiple events for different groups of family and friends, both locally and overseas. Like many couples with several wedding reception obligations to fulfill, Bronwyn and Jason had three celebrations, all of which were efficiently organised and executed in line with their priorities. For their third and final reception, the couple’s vision was to have an intimate and relaxing evening with family and friends at Sergeant Mess Sydney, a splendid function venue with terrific views of the ocean. The bride got on to Instagram and pored over various DIY projects for…

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    Spectacular Sunset Wedding Portraits at Boranup in Perth

    We see a world of adventure and joy ahead for this couple, who shot their spectacular wedding portrait album at Boranup in the south of Perth. Opting for a casual photoshoot, the couple (and their photographer) spent an enjoyable and idyllic day journeying through the lush and tranquil Boranup woodlands and quaint town of Fremantle. Nature’s forest hues and golden sunsets certainly made for a wonderful tapestry that ensured a memorable day out. Kudos to Iluminen for these fantastic photos!