• Photo by Fixer Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    White On White In The Winter Wonderland Of Hallstatt Austria

    More memorable than the winter chill they experienced during this shoot is surely the photos that they got to take home! We love this romantic and unique set of destination bridal portraits that were shot in Hallstatt, Austria. Kudos to Sam Leong of Fixer Photography for these remarkable photos. 
Says Sam: “We had many meetings and prepared Tsin Yee and Teck Keong on what to expect from their morning and evening shoot sessions in Venice. It was after that conversation that they studied their options further and decided on Hallstatt, Austria. “We weren’t quite prepared for the snowstorm that greeted us on our arrival. A quick hunt for winter jackets,…

  • Edwin Tan Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Vienna: City Of Dreams

    As the song goes, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage… These bridal portraits resemble a breathtaking editorial where the bride and groom have stepped into their own fairytale to live happily ever after. Beautiful arched corridors, romantic gothic architecture, classic street lamps, and majestic public sculptures and fountains in the middle of piazzas, you wouldn’t have guessed that these photos were taken in beautiful Vienna. Complete with a resplendent ball gown and sparkly tiara for the bride, and a sharp suit for the dashing groom, they truly were a vision to behold. Many thanks to Edwin Tan Photography for this fairytale set of bridal portraits.

  • Photo by Andrew Leiner. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Breathtaking Intimate Wedding in the Alps

    Everything about this wedding was picture perfect: from the breathtaking backdrop of the Austrian Alps to the spontaneous fun this couple had with their close friends and family. Love was clearly in the air – between the bride and groom and the outpouring emotions from their friends and family. Keeping their wedding intimate and close to their heart, the bride had two wedding dresses – one of which was made by her best friend, and choosing to pair it with a leather jacket made it even more glamourous. It was truly a celebration of love, beautifully captured by Everly Pictures.

  • Photography by Sunrise Greece. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    European Dreams

    Europe has no shortage of amazing nature backdrops: from the contrasting hues of the azure blue ocean to the light blue skies of Santorini, from the opulent royal gardens to the mountains of Salzburg. The whitewashed walls and quirky yet whimsical sights of Santorini exude a glamorous yet slightly bohemian feel, while the quaint townhouses of Salzburg set against the majestic mountains paint a picture perfect setting. Many thanks to Sunrise Greece for these beautiful shots of fashion blogger Camille Co, who is looking every bit the romantic princess bride in Greece and Austria.

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    The Beauty And Serenity Of Hallstatt

    Thomas Steibl did a styled shoot in Hallstatt and has shared with us the beauty of Austria’s most picturesque villages. We’d definitely include this in our list of most romantic places in the world, especially during wintertime. If you are a fan of Korean serials, you might recognise this setting from ‘Spring Waltz’, the prequel to ‘Winter Sonata’. Photography by Thomas Steibl / Coordination and Location Styling by Verena Kindermann – Exclusive Weddings Austria / Bridal Gown by Elfenkleid / Hair and Makeup by Lela Siebert, The Redhead / Jewellery by Feichtinger Schmuckhandel / Flowers by Grüne Laune Floristik / Modelled by Denis and Christoph / Location Hallstatt, Austria