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    ‘The Hobbits’ Rustic Themed Wedding

    It is one thing to like the Lord Of The Rings movies, but quite another to put together a LOTR-themed wedding. In Singapore, where there are limited outdoor spaces for weddings, this couple took up the challenge of making their dream wedding come true, despite having their ceremony and reception in a hotel. The gate-crashing ceremony pictures look epic, and there was clearly lots of DIY work involved. Each reception table was named after a mythical land, and the rustic look and green colour really made the space look like an enchanted wood. Siying and Gerald even had personalised tags on all their favours. Thanks to the assistance of their…

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    Under The Northern Lights

    Definitely not your regular bridal portraits, these cost an estimated USD20,000, and much planning had to be done in advance to ensure that they achieved the results they wanted. Needless to say, the journey there wasn’t easy, and neither were the weather conditions. This pursuit of the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as The Northern Lights, was made possible by ChuianFeng of Avior Pictures and a team adventurous enough to move out of their comfort zone, not to mention a couple crazy enough to attempt it. Read more about the challenges they faced in our magazine, and find out more from the website they specially set up for this. JIAN YONG…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine July 2013 – issue 03

    This issue of The Wedding Notebook magazine features some of the most interesting weddings, vintage themed ideas, and much more! Read in-depth interviews with newlyweds and photographers, and pick up a tip or two from them. Don’t forget to also check out www.theweddingnotebook.com, where you’ll find more beautiful weddings and amazing ideas to inspire you for your big day. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Avior Pictures

    Website www.aviorpictures.com / Facebook Avior Pictures / Email askus[at]aviorpictures.com / Contact Number +65 9456 1174 / Address 42D North Canal Road, Singapore 059298 Avior Pictures understand that when people are in a comfortable environment doing familiar things, their photos will also look more natural and radiate more of their personalities. Their unique style of photography, which has won them many international honours and accolades, leans towards the non-traditional and dynamic as they tell the story of a couple, their relationship, and some of the things that bring them great joy while together. >