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    Artistic Monochromatic Bridal Portraits in Sydney

    Could your bridal portraits become art? How awesome would it be for guests to realise that the artwork hanging in your home is also your bridal portraits? These newlyweds have the right idea – playing with negative space, using shadows, and getting creative with black and white photos. Those sand dunes are a gorgeous and unique backdrop too. Love this set by Aldo of Axioo.

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    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Fairytale Bridal Portraits in Romantic Europe

    Just because we can’t travel right now doesn’t mean that we can’t dream. Thanks to this set of bridal portraits from Ivan Mario of Axioo, we can’t stop thinking about Europe. From the snow-capped mountaintops of Switzerland to the traditionally romantic cobbled streets of Paris, these newlyweds had the most picture perfect backdrop against which to capture their love. That dramatic Italian architecture is sure to take your breath away!

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    7 Stylish Fashion Ideas For Your Bridal Portraits

    Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style, from your choice of wedding dress right down to the décor. If veering off the beaten path for your wedding gown is too big of a leap, why not do something different with your bridal portraits instead? Perhaps this is the time to live your fashion editorial fantasies by infusing your photoshoot with some serious high fashion. Check out these brides who jumped at the chance: #01 Lace Top With A Dramatic Skirt Story: The Most Amazing Places On Earth: Bucket List Post-Wedding Portraits by Metrophoto Story: Timeless And Romantic Seaside Bridal Portraits In Capri, Italy by Bottega53 Lace is…

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    7 Picture Perfect Places For Snowy Bridal Portraits

    What is it about snow that instantly paints a magic brush over everything? That romantic dusting of powder, the majestic and moody ice-topped mountains, the dreamy blanket of white over everything – it’s so beautiful, and an adventurous shift from our tropical weather of course! Sure, it might get a little cold, but what’s a couple of frozen minutes for photos that will last a lifetime, right? These following brides certainly were not afraid to travel to some far-flung places for that winter wonderland feel. #01 Iceland Story: Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland by Acapella Photography There’s something wonderfully exotic about Iceland, with its terrain that’s unlike anywhere…

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    A Moody Yet Glamorous Sepia-Toned Wedding in Venice

    Glamour and drama don’t always have to mean big and over the top affairs. For these newlyweds, their destination wedding was an intimate one with just close friends and family, set in the richly beautiful city of Venice, Italy. Steeped in history, Venice was already so romantic and exquisite that the couple opted for just minimal décor, including some flowers, textures and colour, and guests even wore jewel tones to match the chic sepia tones of the city. Thank you for these jaw dropping shots, Axioo!

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine July 2019 – Issue 27

    From the breathtaking blues of Santorini to sunsets overlooking the Venice canals, from a lush Australian vineyard to a cliff top wedding in Koh Samui – the wonders of Mother Nature never cease. We are so taken by the immense beauty found in this issue that we could gaze at the photos of these picture perfect destination weddings forever. One of the best things about destination weddings is that often, the picturesque landscapes and stunning spaces are enough all on their own. This reduces the decorating workload so that bridal couples can focus on what really matters – their guests, and one another. One need not travel far to experience…

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    A Romantic and Dreamy Stormy Blue Wedding in Queenstown

    Oh, this wedding is straight out of a reverie – with soft stormy blue accents, pale pink flowers and frosty greens, the colour palette had all the makings of a fantasy dreamland. Set in New Zealand, where the natural terrain is already indisputably beautiful, the newlyweds paid close attention to the little things, bringing all the details together like it was meant to be. Just like their union. From textured throws to gilded candlesticks for a tinge of drama, the props included antlers that gave the wedding a rustic feel. The bridal portraits were stunning of course, thanks to the tall trees and rolling hills. But our favourite was the…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine October 2017 – Issue 20

    One of our favourite things about the weddings that we’ve seen this year is the way couples are breaking away from cookie cutter celebrations. Brides no longer look for only that which is beautiful, but they are beginning to find ways to infuse their personalities into their weddings and focus on what truly matters. Many are also choosing to make their big day a lighthearted affair and all about the people that they love. In this issue, you will see that our weddings have a “something different” section that shows how couples stepped away from convention. And check out the couple who drove around New Zealand in a motorvan for…

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    A Bohemian Chic Wedding In Jakarta

    There’s something about Felicia and Nico’s bohemian chic wedding that we cannot get enough of. It incorporates elements of nature, along with a certain romanticism and individuality. The bride rocked her flowy, dreamy dress with lace detailing from Bramanta Wijaya Sposa, plus a fresh flower crown to match. Her rustic bouquet with red charm peonies and mixed cacti corsages for her bridal party all added to the boho feel. Throw in indie rock ballads and funk music, set against the serene backdrop of the Damai Indah Golf and Country Club, and you have yourself a wedding to remember! Thanks so much, Axioo, for sharing these gorgeous photos with us.

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    A Magical Forest Wedding At Pine Forest Camp Bandung

    In this woodland realm, adorned with drapes of pearl, champagne and white, complemented by luxurious hues of earth and glass, the sounds of merry toasts and hearty cheers filled the air as Shelvin and Steven took their first dance as husband and wife. We love the quaint elegance of luxury on a natural, rustic backdrop – the crystal goblets and candleholders, the splashes of bright red wildflowers, and the fairy lights that hovered like diamond dust. What a romantic, magical forest effect, and what an exquisite wedding celebration! Hats off to Iluminen for these remarkable photos.

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    White On White Wedding With A Hint Of Pastel At Alila Seminyak Bali

    For years now, Bali has been the destination of choice for couples seeking cosy and intimate destination weddings – and for good reason! Saying your vows before God and your loved ones, overlooking the sparkling ocean with the sound of waves upon the shore, is nothing short of a blessing to be treasured forever. Such was the case with Careen and Daniel’s wedding, a grand celebration of love and life that was filled with thoughtful details in ivory, cream, gold, earthy tones, and blue. Kudos to Adi from Axioo for these splendid captures! Hosting a beach wedding in Bali in January meant risking rain, however the couple was determined. They…