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    A Contemporary White And Lilac Wedding At Semara Luxury Villa Resort

    Sometimes in life we need to take a leap of faith and just believe. This bride saw pictures and booked the venue, Semara Uluwatu, which many might say was an irrational thing for her to do. But she didn’t regret it and it turned out absolutely jaw dropping. Trust your gut feeling when choosing all your vendors, otherwise there will be no end to your search. Another beautiful set by Terralogical. Yess: “Our officiant James Sietstra’s personal anecdotes of me and Paco made the occasion more meaningful and not just ceremonious. He’s Paco’s best friend from college who knows the both of us very well. We kept our vows very…

  • Photo by Terralogical. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Two Sides Of Bali In One Wedding

    The thing about having an outdoor wedding is you can never really predict what will happen. Sometimes things can get complicated, especially if it’s also a destination wedding that all your guests are flying in for. But here’s the truth: your wedding can still be very fun and memorable if you don’t allow circumstances to affect you. We’ve seen many couples thrive in spite of wedding hiccups, so here’s another story to inspire you! Xerxes: “We were actually affected by the ash cloud in Bali, so two days before our wedding all flights were cancelled! In the end we had 18 cancellations and I wasn’t sure that my father would…

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    Getting Married In Their Favourite Place In The World

    There are many places to explore in this world, yet there are places that you don’t mind visiting again and again. Perhaps it has some sort of magic that captures both your hearts, and makes you feel at home instantly. Bali is that place for many, and it is not surprising that its beautiful venues and hospitality have enticed many from all around the world to have their wedding there. Of all the venues in Bali, we have to say that the Semara Uluwatu is still one of our favourites to date. With a gorgeous place like this, very little needs to be done except making sure you hire a…

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    A Glamorous Outdoor Wedding At Villa Tamarama Uluwatu

    Melissa has a very big family, and in order to keep their wedding small and personal, she and Michael decided to have it in Bali. They both love Southeast Asia, the sun, the culture and the beautiful landscape of Bali so it was the perfect choice. Thanks, Terralogical, for always sharing with us these beautiful destination weddings in Bali. Melissa: “My favourite part of my dress was the belt, which was actually handmade. The roses were attached to a metal belt and the entire piece was gold plated, then a talented dressmaker attached a bow with ties to the back so it could all come together. I absolutely loved it;…

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    Cool Wedding Party

    We extremely love how this couple had no printed wedding invites and wedding cake. The bride couldn’t recall what heels she wore, and she wasn’t concerned about the flowers and favours because someone else took care of them. Looking at the pictures, you can see it turned out to be a totally rocking and cool wedding. In fact, we’re never seen a properly planned wedding that looked more fun than this one. Barbara: “[We had] no concept at all, really. The idea was to keep it as fun and stress free as possible. No rules. “It was great having all my friends and family from all over the world fly…