• Photo by Arch And Vow Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Vintage

    Pink And Brown Baskin-Robbins Themed Wedding

    No one ever complains about an ice cream party, but this is so much more than just another good idea. There’s a story behind it, one that we’ll let the bride Charmaine share with you. We adore her Celest Thoi dress and those adorable flowergirl outfits. The simple white flowers against the rustic brown and blush pink shades look gorgeous too! Thanks for the photos, Arch & Vow Studio! Charmaine: “As my family is the master franchiser of Baskin Robbins, I literally grew up with the brand, and my husband used to call me ‘Baskin-Robbins’ instead of my name before we began dating. Pink and brown are the theme colours…