• Wefreeze Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Vibrant Floral Wedding At Ciao Ristorante

    Every part of this wedding had flowers – from the decorations to the invites and art to the giant peony floral backdrop (that was used during the bride and groom’s ROM and later on at the reception), and even the groom’s joyful floral blazer! We love how the colours instantly added so much joy, with yellow hues complementing the shocking pink and leafy greens. The abundance of floral elements kept the colour palette happy, as well as kept the other decorative elements minimal. Accentuating the flowers were fairy lights, wooden textures and, of course, the gorgeous smiles from the delighted couple and their friends and family. Many thanks to WeFreeze…

  • Photo by Catking photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Glitzy Gold Wedding At City Harvest Kuala Lumpur

    High ceilings and exposed brick walls were the perfect contrasting background to the beautiful metal accents and glamorous glitter and gold. This wedding was the perfect combination of rustic and glamorous, with a long table setting replete with industrial cans of wildflowers and glass bottles. We especially loved the mismatched bridesmaids outfits, all of which were glittery and metallic but in a variety of dress lengths and colours. Many thanks to Bliss & Glitz and Catking Photography for capturing these details.

  • Photo by Funkydali and NDrew Photography. Styling by Bliss & Glitz. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Rustic Industrial

    At the recent WAF2015, Bliss & Glitz put together a romantic, rustic industrial look at Zebra Square, complete with a good mix of vintage furniture and beautiful blossoms. We totally adored the vintage décor, especially the mobile drinks station.

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine April 2015 – issue 10

    Be sure to read our local and international runway fashion reports to keep up with the latest bridal trends. Also, these inspiring styled shoot ideas, and weddings with pretty details and touches from creative DIY brides are sure to sweep you off your feet. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

  • Daren Chong Photography. Event Styling by Bliss & Glitz. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Whimsical

    Beautiful Details

    Instead of flowers and champagne, this bride really invested in the décor and chose something that best reflected the bridal couple – a happy, carnival-themed wedding that was bursting with colour and that surely lifted everyone’s spirits. Thanks, Daren Chong, for sending us this beautiful wedding that was styled by Bliss & Glitz.

  • Era-themed setup at Seven Terraces. Event Styling by Coochicoo. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    1940s Peranakan Themed Party At Seven Terraces

    Penang is known for its beautiful boutique hotels and architecture. Seven Terraces is one of its many beautiful properties, and when the owner decided to celebrate his birthday there, Jo Kee of Bliss & Glitz, formerly known as Coochicoo, took the opportunity to come up with a themed party. Indeed it was a perfect setup and venue for those looking for something different.

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    A Rustic Travel Themed Reception At Janda Baik

    This bride didn’t want fresh flowers at all because she wanted something special and long-lasting, so she DIY-ed her own bridal bouquet and the groom’s corsage. For the rest of the décor, Bliss & Glitz conceptualised a travel theme for the couple since they travel a lot together, combining it with the rustic feel that the bride wanted. Thanks, Memoir Click Studio, for sharing this awesome shoot with us. Sharon: “The most memorable moment for me was when we exchanged our vows in front of all the guests. After 11 years together, through thick and thin, we have finally come to a new chapter of life. My emotions peaked and…

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    Experience The Beauty Of Bollywood

    Traditional weddings don’t need to be boring; check out the Bollywood party the team at Bliss & Glitz came up with for one of their corporate clients. Maybe it’s the great colour palette with the added touch of feathers. Perhaps it’s the modern fonts, or even the added bling. Whatever it is, it’s totally refreshing! Great job by the team. Event Styling by Bliss & Glitz

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    Old School Store

    This theme brings us back to the good old days. ‘Kedai Runcit’, as we called it in Malay, were the stores that we all ran to after school. We would empty our pockets for as many sweets and chocolates they could offer in return. Themes like this are much talked-about by those present because they bring back fond memories. This is actually baby Irene’s first birthday party. When we initially discovered the talents of the team from Bliss & Glitz, we were so impressed by their work and quickly contacted them to see if they would consider doing weddings. They told us that they had started to accept a few…

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    Bliss & Glitz

    Website www.marbleandco.com.my / Facebook Marble & Co / Instagram @marbleandco.com.my / Email hello[at]marbleandco.com.my / Contact Number +6012 301 5650 / Based in Kuala Lumpur Named after the sound mums make when they playfully tickle their little ones, coochicoo was founded in early 2008 by Jo Kee Tan, a former advertising art director who quit after a decade in the industry to become a full-time mother. Riding on Coochicoo, the name that was built on birthday and fullmoon events, now she is ready to share her passion as the owner of Bliss & Glitz, which will make your wedding not just beautiful but meaningful too. >