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    Roles And Responsibilities Of A Bride’s Sidekicks

    Photo by Peter Herman Photography Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. Thankfully, the bridal party is there for support and to help. While a bride may have her own ideas as to how involved her ‘enlisted helpers’ will be, there are certain “duties” involved for those who take on these following roles. #01 Maid of Honour This is the bride’s right hand woman. She acts as the bride’s spokesperson, takes care of her, and makes sure she looks good from head to toe. From adjusting the bride’s train at the altar and holding her bouquet during the exchange of rings, to getting her a drink if she is…

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    A Dreamy, Rustic Styled Shoot With The Bridesmaids

    There’s no better light than sunlight – together with the soft colour palette of pastel pink and white, it gave this photoshoot an all over dreamy, rustic fairytale feel. Thanks to Multifolds for sending us this whimsical styled shoot. The wispy dresses and flower crowns were just what was needed to complete the look.

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    Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party

    Just about every online store will be on sale this weekend, so if you are planning to buy something for your wedding or looking for gifts for your bridal party, don’t miss this opportunity. If you don’t know where to start, browse these favourite online stores. Also, here are some ideas that we’ve picked out just for you: 01 // Kate Spade New York Clear Iphone 5/5S Case 02 // BHLDN Elsie Studs 03 // BHLDN Minimergency® Kit For Bridesmaids 04 // Kate Spade New York Skinny Mini Bow Bangle Bracelet 05 // Ipanema Ana Tan Metallic Footbed Flip Flops 01 // BHLDN Amore Dish 02 // Michael Kors Collection…

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    A Surprise Bachelorette Party That Moved The Bride-To-Be To Tears

    One thing is for sure: these girls were determined to make this an unforgettable night. Here is a dangerously fun party set in one of the rooms of Ipoh’s M Boutique Hotel, the chic hotel that has a slightly mysterious feel to it. What a perfect fit for the party mood and theme. The BFF of the bride-to-be decided there would be no hanky-panky, so instead of paying for a male stripper and taking photos that will never be shown to the future hubby, everyone rolled up their sleeves and lavished attention on the bride-to-be instead. Filled with laughter and tears, the night was definitely one to remember, as the…

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    ‘Be My Bridesmaids’ Boxes DIY Tutorial

    Bridesmaids Boxes are a really nice gesture, although personally, we’d call them friendship boxes because they store all the dreams a group of girlfriends used to share for each other, and now one of them has found the ideal guy. They are boxes that reminisce the past and celebrate the future. These boxes here were actually done for the winner of our giveaway; we absolutely love her mint, coral, pink and gold moodboard. Here’s a list of other ideas that you might find interesting too. MATERIALS – * Wooden boxes * ‘Be My Bridesmaid?’ cards * Gifts for your bridesmaids * Colour charts * Moodboards in photos * Ribbons according…

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    Pin To Win: Be My Bridesmaids’ Boxes Giveaway (ended)

    We are giving away three (3) ‘Be My Bridesmaids’ Boxes to one lucky reader! The best part of it is we will customise them according to your wedding theme and colours so that your bridesmaids get an idea of your dream wedding. All you need to do is start a Pinterest page if you do not already have one. Fret not if you do not know how to use Pinterest, simply read this to find out more. You have nothing to lose and it’s a great chance to finalise your theme soonest. You might even be inspired to make these boxes for your bridesmaids! Subscribe to The Wedding Notebook so…

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    Five Different Looks For Your Bridesmaids

    Photo by Shutterfairy Photography Here’s a quick roundup of our favourite types of bridesmaids’ dresses that will hopefully inspire you to come up with something original for your own girls. Unless the design is really something you can’t buy off the rack, we don’t see why you should custom make your bridesmaids’ dresses. Read on to find out how your girls can be wearing different dresses and yet still look like a team. #01 Perfect Match – Matching pieces don’t need to be boring. Choose a sharp colour or even go with the same design but with different shades. If you shop early and are happy with the colour palette,…

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    Tips For Planning A Bridal Shower

    Photo courtesy of Beau & Arrow Events Traditionally, the responsibility of planning the bridal shower fell to the Maid of Honour, and not the bride’s family members. This was to avoid the misconception that family members were forcing guests into bringing gifts for the bride. In recent times, however, some mothers of the bride-to-be, or even future mothers-in-law, have taken up this responsibility or provided financial assistance. Are you planning a bridal shower? We’ve got some tips for you: #01 The Team – Form a team with the other bridesmaids. This will allow you to delegate tasks easily because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to plan and host a…

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    What Should I Pay For On Behalf Of My Bridesmaids?

    Photo courtesy of Tealily Photography You have just asked your best friends to be your bridesmaids. Now, with wedding expenses piling up, you are wondering which items you should pay for on their behalf. Remember that your bridesmaids will be your assistants before and on your wedding day, so always try to keep the peace wherever possible. Here are some tips: Attire – These days, bridesmaids have been known to pay for their own attire. Talk to your bridesmaids about their concerns and find a solution that works for all of you. If you can afford to pay for their attire, why not do so? Hair and Makeup – If…

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    Be My Bridesmaids Ideas

    You may have found your man but you’ll still need your girls. Once you’ve decided on your maid of honour and bridesmaids, it’s always nice to ask them in the right way. You may speak to them casually before sending these gifts and cards so they won’t feel obligated to say ‘yes’, since this is more of a formality and a nice gesture to show them how much you appreciate them. After Bethany’s famous bridesmaids’ boxes, a lot of pretty ideas have sprung up, and here are some of our favourites: Ombre cupcakes in jars by Marry This! – Cakes are always great especially for girls with a sweet tooth.…

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    Girls Scouts Bridal Shower

    It’s nice when girls do something out of the ordinary for their bridal showers. Beau & Arrow Events came up with this incredible Girl Scouts theme with a touch of glam. Until we saw these beautiful photos by Swoon by Katie, we could never have imagined how those two things can go so well together. Kate and Ellen of Beau & Arrow Events: “We get so giddy every time we look at pictures from this one. The tablescape was definitely a labour of love. We spent hours spray-painting the mini lanterns and the canteens, which were camo print in a previous life, and sewing on the pink ribbons around the…

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    How To Pick Your Maid Of Honour?

    Photo courtesy of Tealily Photography The custom of bridesmaids is believed to have originated during the Anglo Saxon period, when young maidens would be dressed similarly to the bride and accompany her as protectors on her way to the groom’s village. They were meant to prevent spurned suitors from kidnapping the bride or stealing her dowry. Traditionally, the Maid of Honour helps the bride dress before the wedding and helps her weave the wreath of aromatic flowers to ward off evil spirits. The term ‘Maid of Honour’ is believed to have originated from the United Kingdom, and means ‘female attendants to the Queen.’ Today, the Maid of Honour is no…