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    Woodland Magic At Nosh

    With no décor planned 1.5 months before her wedding, you’ll be impressed at what this bride pulled off. Salute. Thanks, Bloc Memoire, for this gorgeous set. Van Mi: “At the end of the solemnisation ceremony, after exchanging vows with Wei Kiat, I could not help but reach for a hug from my mum, and we both cried tears of joy. My father, seeing this and fighting to control his emotions, turned to my husband and said, ‘Take care of my daughter, yes?’ And my husband replied with such conviction in his voice, ‘I will, dad.’ I guess parents have different ways of expressing their feelings, as this really showed.

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    ‘The Hobbits’ Rustic Themed Wedding

    It is one thing to like the Lord Of The Rings movies, but quite another to put together a LOTR-themed wedding. In Singapore, where there are limited outdoor spaces for weddings, this couple took up the challenge of making their dream wedding come true, despite having their ceremony and reception in a hotel. The gate-crashing ceremony pictures look epic, and there was clearly lots of DIY work involved. Each reception table was named after a mythical land, and the rustic look and green colour really made the space look like an enchanted wood. Siying and Gerald even had personalised tags on all their favours. Thanks to the assistance of their…