• Photo by Chong Yee Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Refreshing White and Blush DIY Wedding at Cameron Highlands

    What a brilliant and generous idea! This couple’s wedding, beyond its ceremony and wedding vows, doubled up as a getaway with family and friends in cool and refreshing Cameron Highlands. Before a gathering of loved ones, they exchanged their vows on a perfectly manicured lawn, as gentle clouds of mist wafted overhead. Even though their theme of blush and pink was diluted by the many other colours thrown into the mix, the couple didn’t let it bother them, instead keeping their eyes on what truly mattered. Thank you for this wonderful album, ChongYee Photography!

  • Louis Loo Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Dreamy Peach on White Garden Wedding at Puncak Dani Bungalow, Pahang

    This is such a fantastic wedding at Puncak Dani Bungalow in Pahang. We love the sense of freshness, and the creative décor in white and peach tones. The bride looked amazing in her beautiful long-sleeved lace gown, and her groom was indeed handsome in a blue suit. In her hand, the bride held a classy bouquet of blush and green blooms that gently added colour to the overall look. Thanks for these gorgeous captures, Louis Loo Photography! 

  • Photo by Hellow Jane Lee. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Vintage Flavoured Engagement Shoot in Cameron Highlands

    Very often, we come across a set of images that leave us mesmerised by their raw beauty and the sheer simplicity of the intent behind it. This album is one of them. We love the way her crimson gown infuses life into the indoor and outdoor settings, and the couple’s enjoyment of the rolling hills of Cameron Highlands, Pahang. We love the little vintage shop sporting all things antique and classically Malaysian. Tastefully set up and shot, they are a superb addition to the photos. We smile at the couple’s beautiful cross-cultural relationship, and the way the energy and characteristics of their individual cultures come together in tender moments like…

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    Mint And Blush Rustic Garden Wedding In Cameron Highlands

    We are so in love with the charming location, the wedding embellishments and the fantastic memories captured in this album. Complementing the rustic garden theme was a classy and youthful palette of mint and blush, enhanced by personal touches in the form of DIY wedding décor. Thanks to Peter Herman Photography for sending us this set, and wedding planners Prep for ensuring this bride had a stress free wedding! Do check out their

  • Photo by Peter Herman Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    DIY Wedding Of Gold, Pink And White At Cameron Highlands

    Fusing delicate peonies with elements of gold for their wedding, this couple went the DIY route – as much as they could. The groom, graphic designer and wedding photographer Andrew Yep, designed the invitations and stationery, and created direction boards using recycled wood and hand painted calligraphy. Meanwhile, the wedding favours were jars of locally produced strawberry jam. Thanks for these beautiful photos, Peter Herman Photography, and congratulations, Alice and Andrew! Our best wishes with you, and we’re so happy to see you both tie the knot.

  • Daren Chong Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Outdoor Wedding At The Smokehouse, Cameron Highlands

    Here’s another example of how picking the right venue for your wedding ceremony can save you lots of time and money in the decorating department, while also keeping your guests as comfortable as possible. This lovely wedding was held in the beautifully kept gardens of The Old Smokehouse in Cameron Highlands, which needed absolutely no additions at all to make it picture perfect. With lovely flowers and foliage everywhere, you can see from the photos how much everyone enjoyed the setting. How we wish there was a way to fill every outdoor venue in Malaysia with cool, sweet highland air! For the reception in the dining hall, the table settings…

  • Photo by Peter Herman Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A DIY Vintage Garden Wedding At Cameron Highlands

    While most people wouldn’t think to have their destination wedding at Cameron Highlands, most of us agree that having an outdoor garden wedding in KL could potentially be quite uncomfortable for everyone! Combining Mother Nature with the talent and artistry of their friends, this couple DIY-ed a beautiful, intimate and cosy space in which to say “I do”. Thanks to Peter Herman Photography for capturing these special moments.

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    The Time Tunnel

    The first time we walked into the Time Tunnel Museum at Cameron Highlands, we knew right away that we just had to do a photoshoot here. This undiscovered place is filled with gems of yesteryears. Gone are the days of museum displays in glass cases. Here, you literally feel as if you’ve walked through a time tunnel and gone back in time. Thank God for our photographer, Jennifer of Jspy Photography, and the team, who were game enough to make the trip up to Cameron Highlands with us. Chaiyen: “The surroundings are rather dark, so for the casual look we styled the couple in brighter colours. We brought Coke bottles…

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    Up In The Highlands

    Kathy and Narin opted for beautiful Cameron Highlands instead of flying overseas for destination bridal portraits. That is a wise choice; sometimes we are so captivated by others’ destination bridal portraits that we forget the beauty that exists right in our own backyard. We recall when we first set foot on Cameron Highlands years ago, we compared the tea plantations especially to the scenic views of the Korean serial drama “Summer Scent”. Honestly romantic and breathtaking, with good sunlight and cool weather, this is just the best you can ask for when it comes to an outdoor shoot. Victor Hew Photography: “We headed out for some beautiful outdoor scenery shots…