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    Vintage Purple Themed At One Rochester

    It’s no secret that we love DIY weddings. Valerie is a very talented and beautiful bride, and with the help of her friends, she actually put together the reception décor, photobooth and even handmade the props! We know it’s hard to believe but she actually made the floral wreath and that beautiful piece she wore on her head. She’s so talented we can’t help but wonder if she’ll consider going into the wedding industry (hint, hint). Valerie: “The theme for my wedding ceremony was rustic garden, vintage and shabby chic. One Rochester was the only place that we felt was suited to our wedding theme as it had both an…

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    A Fresh Look For A New Beginning

    Who doesn’t love the sleek, clean, minimalist Mac interface? It’s too bad this couple didn’t create a wedding website with all those tabs describing their journey together as we reckon it would be a fun online experience for their friends and family. Here are some photos to give you an idea of what they did. Chris Ling International Photographers: “It started off with the Apple website, and we wanted the whole shoot to be like an online commercial. A lot of work went into tweaking the images to fit the clean feel of Apple.com; our designers spent many hours on it. The words, along with some typography, were contributed by…

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    Wild At Heart

    Catwoman might never meet Iron Man in the comic books but we can do anything we want in bridal portraits. Angela looks kind of wild (and hot!) in this set of photos. It is nice when couples choose to be themselves as it makes the photos a lot livelier. On another note, we would seriously like to visit Chris Ling’s studio one day. It looks amazing. ANGELA & GARY {Singapore} Photography by Chris Ling International Photographers

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    A Shanghai Songstress

    Forgive us for being such a sucker for the work of Chris Ling International Photographers. We lust after fashion photography. It makes our heart leap with excitement every time we see a photographer go to so much effort to create the right lighting and mood for a shoot. Their Hong Kong division created this conceptual piece, which was inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s ‘In The Mood For Love’. We know these are just photos, but it feels like we can hear 50s music playing. Like good photos do, they evoke emotions and make our imaginations go wild. KAREN & SAMUEL {China} Photography by Chris Ling International Photographers / Location Shanghai

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    1960s Shanghai Style

    Inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s film ‘2046’. A film set in Shanghai in the 1960s, with a new type of woman – urban, sophisticated, educated and fashionable. Chris Ling managed to bring together all those elements to deliver a very seductive set of bridal portraits. LYDIA & BRYAN {Singapore} Photography by Chris Ling International Photographers

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    Broadway Charm

    This charming couple dazzles so effortlessly with a Broadway set behind them. Jeffrey’s light grey three-piece suit looks perfect on him. A black suit wouldn’t have delivered the same result. At the same time, if Tessa had chosen a dress with a pale colour, it wouldn’t have been as captivating. That is why these photos, which were taken at Universal Studios Singapore, are great. All the touches, from lights to styling, come together so beautifully that we could almost make a theatre poster out of it. The photographer pulled it off very well indeed. TESSA & JEFFREY {Singapore} Photography by Chris Ling International Photographers / Location Universal Studios, Singapore

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    Chris Ling International Photographers

    Website www.chrisling.com / Facebook The Privilege Of Chris Ling International / Instagram @chrislingphotography / Email enquiries[at]chrisling.com / Contact Number +65 6220 5600 (Singapore), +852 2156 1933 (Hong Kong) / Address 50 Saunders Road, Singapore 228280 and 8/F CEO Tower, 77 Wing Hong Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong Having started in Singapore in 1993, Chris introduced fashion photography to what would otherwise be conventional wedding portraiture. Today, they feature the work of professionals in the areas of portrait and wedding photography, while the company has also expanded into international talent management, with four subsidiaries and plans to further grow within Asia. >