• Cliff Choong Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Rustic

    A Rustic Red Theme at Ciao Ristorante

    Often what makes a wedding extra memorable is going back the reason for it. In this case, the couple both agreed that their exchange of vows stood out, that single moment was pure. The groom was also deeply moved when his gorgeous bride serenaded him as she made her entrance. Thank you for these amazing captures, Cliff Choong Photography!

  • Photo by Zach Chin of Munkeat Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Rustic,  Vintage

    Vintage Blush Pink Indoor Garden Wedding at Ciao Ristorante Kuala Lumpur

    This album gives us a glimpse into the beautiful couple’s heaven. We love the refreshing appeal of an indoor garden concept wedding at Ciao Ristorante in Kuala Lumpur, which included shades of green, earth, blush and champagne. They even included adorable succulents as door gifts for their guests! Thank you for these fantastic images, Zach Chin of MunKeat Studio.

  • Wefreeze Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Engagement,  Love Stories

    A Vibrant Floral Wedding At Ciao Ristorante

    Every part of this wedding had flowers – from the decorations to the invites and art to the giant peony floral backdrop (that was used during the bride and groom’s ROM and later on at the reception), and even the groom’s joyful floral blazer! We love how the colours instantly added so much joy, with yellow hues complementing the shocking pink and leafy greens. The abundance of floral elements kept the colour palette happy, as well as kept the other decorative elements minimal. Accentuating the flowers were fairy lights, wooden textures and, of course, the gorgeous smiles from the delighted couple and their friends and family. Many thanks to WeFreeze…

  • Colours,  Inspirations

    A Dreamy, Romantic Blush And Champagne Gold Soiree

    It is our joy to feature the work of Mint Events again. They’re truly a talented team with creative minds that will leave you wanting more. The aisle here is especially beautiful – we’ve seen it on Pinterest and to know that they can do the same is wonderful. Freeze-dried rose petals that were personally sourced and air flown in from the States by the bride gave the venue a pleasant scent and surely added a dreamy touch to the wedding ambience. Adeline: “Nothing is more satisfying than the joy of seeing months of planning fall into place. Seeing our mood board come to life, and the colour palette of…