• Photo by Fabulous Moments. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Denim and Khakis

    Weddings like this one that break out of the conventional box put a smile on our faces. They had us right from the start, when she turned up in a tulle skirt and denim jacket. We love the modern minimalist set of stationery and posters that were set up with a hint of rustic, and with baby’s breath and soft pink hydrangeas. Thanks, Fabulous Moments, for sharing such a cool party with us. One of this bride’s tips was “be yourself”, because she certainly was! Among the unforgettable highlights from the day was this travel video that was shot in Taiwan, Korean and Thailand, edited by the groom himself. A…

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    Vintage Garden Wedding At Saujana

    We understand it is not easy to juggle work and wedding planning, all the more so if you are many miles away from home. Bee Fong and Eu-Wing are both doctors based in the UK, and for them to have a wedding back here in Kuala Lumpur is definitely not an easy task. Thanks to Bee Fong’s sister and their wedding planner, however, the couple got to chill and cherish the moment with their loved ones. What a lovely garden wedding setup, generously filled with flowers and pretty details. The gorgeous arch beneath the tree, the cute little flowergirls who graced the aisle before the bride walked in… This is…