• Daalarna Spring 2022 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna Couture Spring 2022 Bridal Collection

    Beautifully designed and delicately crafted, the Spring 2022 bridal collection by Daalarna Couture is a dreamy escape from the pandemic that has taken over every aspect of our lives. Titled Mirror, it represents both a reflection of our values and the alternative reality that our inner mirror longs for during this time. A magnificent haute couture collection that is not for the fainthearted, these gowns are perfect for the romantic yet modern bride who is looking for a bold, even rebellious, solution.

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    Daalarna Fall 2021 Bridal Collection

    Even as the world continued to change and everyone stayed home, Anita Benes, chief designer of Daalarna Couture, rediscovered her love for Budapest and her identity as a Budapestian, Hungarian and Eastern European. Her new collection is a celebration of the rich culture, beauty and diversity of the region, and in a subtle reference to the spirit of this age that we are in, she even collaborated with jewellery designer Rienne Bride to reimagine the face mask as a new bridal accessory. The results are romantic, exquisite and stunning.

  • Daalarna 2021 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna Spring 2021 Bridal Collection

    Be the belle of your wedding ball with the Rhapsody bridal collection. The latest from Daalarna, the collection is partly inspired by the composer Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies, and driven by designer Anita Benes’ desire to pay more attention to the characteristics of Hungarian culture. The collection is eye-catching, to say the least. Featuring key elements of traditional Hungarian outfits, simple textures and patterns are set in contrast with layered and pulled techniques, detailed embroidery and floral motifs. “It was fairly easy for me becoming one with my topic as I am always experiencing the same feelings when I am creating a new collection,” Anita shared. “This mood with its…

  • Daalarna 2021 Eveningwear Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna 2021 Eveningwear Collection

    Following the resounding success of her previous collection, Daalarna designer Anita Benes is back again. Alongside the label’s very beautiful 2021 Rhapsody bridal collection is an eveningwear collection that is guaranteed to turn heads, thanks to its minimalist yet sophisticated details that sit in contrast with flamboyance and exaggeration. Inspired by Hungarian culture, and in particular the range of highly contrasted moods, colours and tonality found in composer Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies, the collection also marks the designer’s first time experimenting with fringes, feathery materials and interpretations of the sheepskin coat.

  • Daalarna Fall 2020 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna 2020 Bridal Collection

    Tradition meets modernity, and old meets new in the 2020 bridal collection from Daalarna. Christened the “Folk” bridal collection, it merges traditional Hungarian folk-art shapes and design elements with Daalarna’s modern, feminine and sophisticated signature style for a truly distinctive look. From puff sleeves and midi skirts made with layered and pulled techniques, to lace frills and pearl decorations, these romantic gowns are certainly not your everyday designs. Besides the well-known bridal fabrics such as lace, tulle and organza, the collection also features new and authentic additions like cotton, linen, and cotton lace. Simply gorgeous!

  • Daalarna 2019 Bridal Collection. //www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna Couture 2019 Bridal Collection

    Listen to the whispers of the wind with Daalarna Couture’s new bridal collection. Inspired by the nature in Iceland, the gowns reflect the region’s calming whispers of wind, unusual colours and lights, and beautiful flowers. From laser cut shapes of moss and leaves to 3-dimensional embroidered lace flowers and butterfly designs, the collection is full of exciting shapes and patterns, dressed in light and soft fabrics and silhouettes. Simply gorgeous!

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    Daalarna Couture 2018 Bridal Collection

    Inspired by the many facets of love, Daalarna Couture’s newest collection combines classic fabrics with abstract patterns, illusion-like trains, and styles ranging from princess gowns to sexy silhouettes. Titled “Love Story”, the collection reflects that precious moment when you find The One – by providing you with The Dress! Says Anita Benes, chief designer of Daalarna Couture, “As a bridal gown designer I get to hear thousands of different love stories. No two relationships are the same; similarly, every bride has a different idea of what her perfect dress is. That’s the beauty of our ‘Love Story’ collection. Between the different styles and fabrics, every bride is sure to find…

  • Daalarna 2017 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna 2017 Bridal Collection

    Featuring campaign photos that were shot on the set of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Hungarian National Ballet and starring the Ballet’s exceptional ballerina, Lili Felmery, the 2017 bridal collection by Daalarna Couture is a fairytale come true indeed. Inspired by one of the most beautiful classics, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, the unique designs in the collection are cut with stunning illusion backs and necklines often embellished with handcrafted lace, while the infusion of delicate fabrics, hand beaded lace, soft tulle, silk and illusion tulle set just the right tone of timeless beauty and love.

  • Daalarna Couture 2016 Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna 2016 Bridal Collection

    Drawing upon the beautiful paintings of the French impressionist Monet, Daalarna Couture’s Flower Collection for 2016 delivers a sophisticated and harmonious combination of natural elements: sky, sun, water and flowers. Said Anita Benes, chief designer for the label: “I am so excited to bring elegant beauty, flowing forms and chic details to our Daalarna brides this year.”

  • Daalarna 2014 Bridal Collection. www.theweddingnotebook.com

    Daalarna 2014 Bridal Collection

    Representing a new, daring direction for Daalarna Couture, the 2014 bridal collection is, according to designer Anita Benes, a search for the harmony of contrast. Soft tulles and silk muslins are paired with macramé laces, unfinished edges and rough surfaces, dark-bright contrasts and shiny-matte surfaces come into play, and long-sleeved dresses are offset by transparent surfaces. “This year I was inspired by gentle erotic – what dominates the catwalks nowadays – and it was a real challenge, however an exciting one, to implement it into wedding dresses,” says Benes. “The most important question for me when I design wedding dresses is where is the limit, and what divides tradition and…