• Photo by Wilson and Sharon Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    10,000 Red Petals

    Joy was not willing to dirty her white gown before her big day, so she decided to do an indoor shoot in their new apartment. The challenge was presented to the photographers, Wilson and Sharon, and the talented duo did exceedingly well with such a limited setting. The 10,000 red petals made another appearance on the couple’s wedding day as a magnificent aisle. Smart move, and great continuity! Joy: “I bought the 10,000 red petals on taobao.com for MYR1,400. It came in stacks of 100 pieces and I manually separated them. It was oddly therapeutic.” >

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    Vintage Shabby Chic

    A lovely navy blue and orange vintage garden wedding that exuded warmth and was filled with DIY touches put together by family and friends. Having grown up together for seven years, Pearlyn and Rongzhao’s relationship has seen both the joys and pains of life. Read more about their courtship on their wedding website here and check out these lovely images by AndroidsinBoots. Pearlyn: “We wanted to keep things economical so we didn’t hire a wedding planner, but we did get help and advice from a wedding coordinator as well as from our friends. The décor contained elements of different aesthetics that we both like, shabby chic and vintage, and it…

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    Superhero Ball

    Somehow, Alex and James’ story feels like the picture that we have always wanted to paint for soon-to-wed couples. Celebrate each other, be yourself and have loads of fun. We don’t know what brought them together but they are truly perfect for each other. They put aside the traditions of a typical wedding, choosing instead to walk a new and narrow path in their Converse sneakers, and celebrating their nuptials as a day for themselves. They both love superheroes, playing games and doing crazy things together. So they built their wedding around that theme. The New Children Museum in San Diego was the perfect venue. The main colours that anchored…