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    A Joyful, Modern and Chic Intimate Wedding at KLoé Hotel

    Weddings may have been simplified since the Covid-19 pandemic began, but keeping celebrations small and intimate doesn’t mean couples have to miss out on celebrating their special day with loved ones. These newlyweds commemorated their big day with a photoshoot that included their bridal party, making full use of the beautiful venue, KLoé Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Many thanks to Twins Photography for capturing all the happiness of this beautiful occasion and these gorgeous bridal portraits. Shaer Nee: “Every moment held a different memory that meant so much to me. From getting ready, to the gatecrashing games, to the tea ceremony… everything happened in the blink of an eye, but it…

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    Rustic Autumn Splendour at The Grand Marquee, Singapore

    We love the exhilarating tempo of this unconventional wedding that was held at Wesley Methodist Church, Hotel Fort Canning and The Grand Marquee in Singapore. The lovely couple opted for just a wedding march in order to spend more time with their guests, showcase the special performances, and enjoy that which mattered the most. Thank you for these brilliant captures, AndroidsinBoots!

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    A Vintage, Chic and Intimate Tea Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur

    The tea ceremony is often quite emotional and sentimental, celebrating the union of two people and two families becoming one. What’s lovely about this intimate ceremony is that it also makes for beautiful photos. These newlyweds chose hues of blue to contrast the traditional red tones, and included vintage elements such as a Volkswagen Beetle wedding car. And after all the fun and games were done, there was even a Malaysian style breakfast spread – nasi lemak cups, fresh fruit platters and mee hoon! Many thanks to MJK Photography for capturing these happy moments.

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    A Traditional Chinese Wedding At The Blue Mansion (Cheong Fatt Sze) Penang

    More often than not, what matters to a couple will naturally be reflected in their wedding. For Kee Hong and Louis, who met in England and celebrated their engagement in romantic Paris, honouring family traditions and their heritage was at the heart of their wedding, which was held at the Blue Mansion in Penang. Fusing auspicious red with blue, beige and cream, the couple created a wedding palette that was loud in its declaration of prosperity and tradition, yet modern and easy on the eyes. Many thanks to Andrew Yep Photographie for this smashing album!

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    An Old School Chinese Gate-Crashing Ceremony

    Most Chinese wedding customs have been modernised but some traditions still remain, such as the tea ceremony and the gate-crashing ceremony, where the groom picks up the bride. These are, without a doubt, the most sentimental and joyous aspects of the whole day. The gatecrashing ceremony fills the house with a lot of laughter as both sides of the family get acquainted with one another through ice-breaker games; while the tea ceremony is a traditional and sweet way of introducing the new family member to each side. Here, we love how Rachel was resplendent in her ‘kua’ and how charming Chris looked in his traditional Chinese outfit, plus that beautiful…

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    A Sweet Pastel Outdoor Garden Wedding at Thistle Port Dickson

    Outdoor weddings mean you’re at the mercy of unpredictable weather, and for this lucky couple, their wedding was blessed with last minute sunshine! They got to exchange their vows against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset by the beach, with the salty sea breeze and a beautiful flower arch. Pastel colours and florals added a sweet romantic touch to the décor, and we especially love the different bridesmaid dress styles. Many thanks to MunKeat Photography for capturing this beautiful garden wedding! May: “Every single thing was amazing and memorable! It was an outdoor wedding and forecasts from various sources indicated a thunderstorm for that day. The weather for the few…

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    An Old School Chinese Wedding Ceremony

    How often do we get to see an old school Chinese wedding, with all the drama of full traditional bridal attire including the coronet? This couple embraced their roots and culture for their chip san leong, starting with the gatecrashing ceremony of the groom and his groomsmen to pick up the bride, and finishing with a tea ceremony. The result was not only a joyous union, but also colourful and bright photos reflective of the mood on the day – thanks to hellojanelee!

  • Photo by Hellojanelee Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Colourful Gatecrashing Ceremony At Sekeping Seapark

    This couple infused their incredibly sweet wedding with their own style and pulled it off with the help of friends and family – from the decorations and calligraphy aisle to the wedding cake and catering. The pops of bright yellow against the clean white and green hues were perfectly accentuated by the tinges of gold. Not forgetting the little details such as the cute patterns, quirky notes, moustache boutonnières and colourful socks. All of it was made complete by the radiant smiles of the happy couple and their guests. Thanks to hellojanelee for this beautiful set of photos!

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    Red Packet Allocations For Your Chinese Ceremony

    Photo by Peter Herman Photography Given the overwhelming amount of things to plan for a Chinese wedding ceremony, it might be a good idea to come up with a list of recipients and the amounts that you would need when it comes to red packets. This can actually be quite a substantial amount that couples often overlook during the budgeting stage. Traditions vary from family to family, so take this as a mere guide for those who are totally clueless. Remember, you can always give more if you’re feeling generous. “Heng Tai” a.k.a. The Groom’s Team Given by: The groom’s parents or the groom Value: Any amount, it’s more for…

  • Blue Mansion Penang wedding. Photo by Alextan Artworks. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Big Reunion At The Blue Mansion

    The Blue Mansion in Penang, previously known as the Cheong Fatt Tse Mansion, brings you back in time and leaves you with a warm feeling of home. Here, the iconic blue structure, very wisely combined with colourful kebayas and cheongsams worn by the family, resulted in really beautiful photos.