• Photo by Andrew Yep Photographie. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Traditional Chinese Wedding At The Blue Mansion (Cheong Fatt Sze) Penang

    More often than not, what matters to a couple will naturally be reflected in their wedding. For Kee Hong and Louis, who met in England and celebrated their engagement in romantic Paris, honouring family traditions and their heritage was at the heart of their wedding, which was held at the Blue Mansion in Penang. Fusing auspicious red with blue, beige and cream, the couple created a wedding palette that was loud in its declaration of prosperity and tradition, yet modern and easy on the eyes. Many thanks to Andrew Yep Photographie for this smashing album!

  • Love Stories,  Vintage

    1950s Vintage Coke Theme

    If you don’t already know, we don’t plan weddings. We love weddings and all things beautiful. Our desire is to see weddings in this region rise to greater heights. We understand that not everyone has the budget to splurge on their big day, but creativity bursts forth when your resources are limited. That is why many of our favourite weddings this year are DIY. Chaiyen, one of our team, took the opportunity of her sister’s wedding to show us exactly how we can maneuver the budget and personalise a wedding with small details. These lovely photos are taken by WeiMin and Chris Teoh. Photo by Chris Teoh Chaileng: “I do…

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    Childhood Sweethearts Marry After 23 Years Apart

    This is definitely not a story you hear every day. While puppy love often fades, it didn’t for Sarah Ho and Wilson Ng, who tied the knot at The Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, more than 20 years after they first met as children. Sarah formerly a designer at Paul Smith and Cath Kidston told the Hong Kong South China Morning Post, “Our mums were best friends and when they met, all the kids used to play together. I remember clearly that Wilson was my partner for this silly game we used to play. When his family left for America, I refused to partner up with any other boy. In fact,…