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    Journey To Italy

    It feels like we’re as close to the Colosseum as they are, strolling past Florence Cathedral with them, and getting lost in the beautiful medieval town of Siena like they did. With bridal portraits like these, you won’t hear your guests complaining when you play your photos on loop. Kenn Foo really did do this lovely couple and the magnificent architecture justice. Kenn: “Rome, the City of Gods, the city where once the infamous Roman army ruled. Steven and Felicia are huge fans of architecture and great monuments, and Rome was the perfect location for them to have their bridal portraits done. The city is filled with grand and breathtaking…

  • St. Patrick
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Dramatic Elegance

    We intentionally put these three posts of bridal portraits back-to-back to show that even though they were all taken in the same place – around Melbourne, Australia – they can be done in different styles, whether fun, romantic or dramatic. We wouldn’t say either one is better than the others; it really comes down to personal preference. Here’s another set of photos from Melbourne, and as you can see, the possibilities are endless. This couple opted for a more elegant and dramatic direction for their photos. Kenn Foo used a good variety of lenses, which, together with the beautiful architecture and lighting, gave everything a more dramatic feel. Our favourites…

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    Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Ruffle Gown At The Station

    We really love this set of bridal portraits that was taken at the abandoned Prai railway station. The photographer made great use of light and shadow, giving the photos a dramatic tone. The tiered and ruffled bridal gown was also definitely a good choice, as we’re not sure if a different gown would have created the same effect. ELIZABETH & JASON {Malaysia} Photography by Kennfoo Weddings / Hair and Makeup Glamorous by Michelle Lum / Location Prai abandoned railway station, Penang