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    A Whimsical Chic Outdoor Wedding At Janda Baik

    There’s something magical about fairy lights and exposed wooden textures – it just transforms a regular room into a dreamy space. We can’t help but swoon over this wedding planned by XO23 Wedding Events, from its majestic wheat stalks, glittering lights and lush florals to the colour palette and rich variety of textures. Everything worked together to frame the stars of the soiree beautifully. Many thanks to Zach Chin for this amazing set of photos.

  • Munkeat Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Cosy, Autumn-Inspired Wedding at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Ipoh

    Walking towards the love of your life as you’re about to tie the knot sure can feel like a dream. For this bride, she walked across a bridge and finally arrived at a super chic hexagonal “arch”, set on a ceremony deck that overlooked the hot springs. Imagine exchanging your vows in a place like this! Many thanks to MunKeat Photography for these exceptionally beautiful photos.

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    At Home With You Through Every Season

    Here’s a great take on enjoying the simplest pleasures of married life together. Being in a long distance relationship, this couple savoured the rare chance to spend quality time together by having a photoshoot that best depicted how they love to hang out. The snow-skin mooncakes and pu erh tea weren’t just for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, but also a remarkable way to honour their Asian heritage. In this down to earth and authentic album, the couple documented a regular and relaxed day at home. Their celebration of the simple memories they hold dear included preparing food for loved ones and enjoying each other’s company and conversation. A thousand thanks…

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    Pretty in White: Wedding Portraits in Klang

    A new chapter as man and wife is approaching, and there is much to be done in preparation for the grand occasion. Clad in white and statement Doc Martens, this couple took the morning off from their busy schedules for a relaxing day out in the fields. Such portrait albums don’t necessarily need to follow a theme or narrative; the images themselves speak of the couple’s affection for each other, their youth and delight now preserved in these photographs for the generations to come. Many thanks to TK Teo for these!

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    A Casual and Intimate Farm Chic Wedding at Janda Baik

    Is there anything more intimate than tying the knot at a little farm set on a hill, surrounded by your family and friends? Never mind the vibrant green hues of Mother Nature, the cosy wooden textures of the rustic barn, the simple decorations and the amazing food, the stars of this wedding were undoubtedly the newlyweds and the joyous celebration of their love! We really like how this wedding gave the couple and their loved ones an opportunity to get right back to the basics of nature. Many thanks to hellojanelee for capturing this lovely set of photos.

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    Hanabi Flowers

    Facebook Hanabi flowers / Instagram @_hana.bi / Email enq.hanabi[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +6012 697 8983 / Based in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru “Hana” means flower, and “bi” means fire. Together, “hanabi” means fireworks in Japanese. Creative and talented, the team at Hanabi Flowers are passionate about creating floral arrangements and other floral elements in different forms, providing their clients with simply beautiful things. >