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    7 Picture Perfect Places For Snowy Bridal Portraits

    What is it about snow that instantly paints a magic brush over everything? That romantic dusting of powder, the majestic and moody ice-topped mountains, the dreamy blanket of white over everything – it’s so beautiful, and an adventurous shift from our tropical weather of course! Sure, it might get a little cold, but what’s a couple of frozen minutes for photos that will last a lifetime, right? These following brides certainly were not afraid to travel to some far-flung places for that winter wonderland feel. #01 Iceland Story: Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland by Acapella Photography There’s something wonderfully exotic about Iceland, with its terrain that’s unlike anywhere…

  • Photo by Ben Yew Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Icelandic Adventure

    Imagine driving 1,332 kilometres in 4 days, experiencing gorgeous and surreal sights with your loved one, and having someone capture all those moments for you. That’s exactly what Stephanie and Jonathan did when they went to Iceland with Ben Yew, a destination photographer, to experience an adventurous bridal photoshoot. It was filled with not only awe inspiring scenery, but also all nighter drives through the Icelandic countryside, and camping in the car when the weather turned. From here on, Stephanie and Jonathan will always have a tangible memento of their time there. Here is a selection of our favourite shots from their photoshoot, some of which really took our breath…

  • Photo by Metrophoto. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    The Most Amazing Places On Earth: Bucket List Post-Wedding Portraits

    While we’ve seen plenty of travel bucket lists, we’ve never met anyone who’s attempted not one but two exotic destinations in a single trip for post-wedding portraits! Like a page straight out of a storybook, these photos have captured the fairytale beauty of the cobblestone streets, narrow alleys with gaslights, and beautiful exposed brick architecture of Dubrovnik in Iceland and Kotor in Montenegro. With the azure sea and bright blue sky as the perfect backdrop, the arched corridors, medieval design and hauntingly beautiful buildings are breathtaking. Besides the scenic views and talented team of Metrophoto, it helps that the couple also have some of the most stylish and gorgeous outfits…

  • Edwin Tan Pphotography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Mysterious And Majestic Bridal Portraits In Iceland

    Every snapshot of Iceland poses a question of wonder and wanderlust; it’s hard to believe that such untouched beauty still exists in this world. From the ominous skies paired with the glaciers to the mossy green hillsides, the contrast of nature’s colours is absolutely breathtaking. These newlyweds took their time exploring their surroundings, and the bride’s gowns against these backdrops certainly made for an incredibly picturesque set of bridal portraits. Many thanks to Edwin Tan Photography for these breathtaking photos!

  • Rowell Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Inspiring, Incredible And Intoxicating Bridal Portraits In Iceland

    There’s a purity and vastness when it comes to Iceland that is impossible not to romanticise. Parts of the country are so old and yet so preserved that it’s almost like going back in time. Capturing a mixture of old and new, of nature and the urban landscape, part of these bridal portraits were set in Keldur, where they found Iceland’s oldest turf houses, made from grass and natural elements. There was no shortage of amazing – every mountain and vista was breathtaking! Meanwhile, the charming capital city of Rekjavik was devoid of traffic jams and skyscrapers, but full of interesting nooks and crannies ready for discovering. Many thanks to…

  • Photo by Acapella Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Dramatic and Glamorous Bridal Portraits in Iceland

    Forget the dreamy tropics and pristine beaches, the romantic city lights or lush greens, how about travelling to the ends of the Earth for a change of scenery? Specifically Iceland, where it’s a real breathtaking experience of what Mother Nature is capable of. The deep blue glaciers, snowcapped mountains and clear sky against granite rocks definitely add an element of drama and magic to these bridal portraits. Thank you to Joe of Acapella Photography for sharing with us such this stunning set of photos.

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    The Bucket List

    There are some places in this world that you should not visit alone. Places that will take your breath away, that words cannot adequately describe, and that will make you want to have someone to share the experience with. Adventure is important for keeping your marriage exciting, so the two of you should sit down and come up with a bucket list, or at least, a list of goals that you can achieve in the first few years of married life. #01 Have a dip in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa #02 See the Northern Lights and stay in one of the Glass Igloo Village…