• Photo by Munkeat Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Navy Blue And Blush Pink Rustic Wedding At DoubleTree By Hilton, JB

    Rustic yet elegant with a sprinkle of glittery glamour – this wedding was equal parts timeless and modern. The contrasting theme colours of navy blue and sweet blush pink had wooden elements such as the groom’s wooden bowtie and the groomsmen’s brown suspenders to add a rustic touch, with gold as the subtle thread tying it all together from day to night. Many thanks to Yung Yaw of MunKeat Studio for capturing this beautiful set of photos.

  • Wefreeze Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Vibrant Floral Wedding At Ciao Ristorante

    Every part of this wedding had flowers – from the decorations to the invites and art to the giant peony floral backdrop (that was used during the bride and groom’s ROM and later on at the reception), and even the groom’s joyful floral blazer! We love how the colours instantly added so much joy, with yellow hues complementing the shocking pink and leafy greens. The abundance of floral elements kept the colour palette happy, as well as kept the other decorative elements minimal. Accentuating the flowers were fairy lights, wooden textures and, of course, the gorgeous smiles from the delighted couple and their friends and family. Many thanks to WeFreeze…

  • Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A DIY Boho Rustic Vintage Bohemian Wedding In Bali

    With Asian weddings traditionally being big, grand affairs, we were amazed that this couple managed to keep it to just 25 people for their Bali nuptials. Vicente is from Kuching and Elizabeth from Singapore, where they both currently reside. On a more personal note, we’re so glad to see that weddings are looking more and more enjoyable these days!

  • Photo by One Eye Click. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    When Illustrated Animals Join The Wedding Party

    This wedding took place a while back but we were so impressed by it that we just had to share! Look at how timeless it is. From what we’ve observed, creative weddings usually only happen when the couple has full confidence and trust in their designer and give them the freedom to explore. Thanks, One Eye Click, for capturing these very detailed illustrations by The Joy Troopers.

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    He Who Sketches His Wife-To-Be

    It’s interesting to realise that sketching actually has a lot of things in common with a love relationship. Every artist starts a sketch with certain guidelines, just as many enter a relationship with certain ideals and expectations. Nobody is perfect, but the longer you observe a person, in the same way that an artist adds detail and shading to a sketch, you will begin to see depth and beauty emerge. A sketch artist never uses an eraser, just like how, in a relationship, you can’t go back to undo your mistakes. Inevitably there will be smudges or strokes that an artist doesn’t like, and when that happens, he can choose…

  • Chong Yee Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Rustic Themed Wedding In Mint

    It’s such a delight to see City Harvest Church being transformed into a different theme each time it is used as a wedding venue. It’s truly a blank canvas that invites creativity, with its great natural light that also offers the comfort of air conditioning. With the help of a decorator, this DIY bride went for a rustic theme, with touches of wood, glass and lace, all held together by her favourite mint colour. There was a simple wishing tree with craft tags for wishes, gorgeous twine-wrapped bottles with bunches of green and white flowers, pretty paper pinwheels and more. What we love most is how, instead of splurging on…

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    Another Way Of Storytelling

    Our hearts leap with joy whenever we see a couple jump onto the bandwagon of imagination and creativity. Daren Chong’s latest set is quite unlike anything you have ever seen him do, and it is great to see photographers pushing their own boundaries. Daren: “Photography is a fantastic storytelling medium, or at least, a way to unleash my imagination and creativity. Whether you’re telling a story with one image, a sequence, a series or an entire portfolio, the possibilities are endless. Just ask yourself what story you want to tell, and photography will get you there. “I’ve always wanted to incorporate fun ideas into photography and make a story out…

  • Illustrations by Joanne Poon. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Illustrated Storyboard Wedding Website That’s Just Epic!

    Design students are probably going to feel a little nostalgic when they see this one: a short Save The Date video inspired by 80s movies and a wedding website with storyboard inspired illustrations. The idea is refreshing to say the least, and we trust that their friends were all excited to attend the wedding. (Tip: A great Save The Date idea will generate attention and excitement for your big day.) Jiawern: “Since we’re only going to get married once, we decided, why the heck not? Heavily influenced by the 80s movies that we grew up with, with a healthy injection of the retrowave scene, this video was born out of…

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    Endless Possibilities

    Seriously, there is no reason for us to not like Funky Dali. They continually surprise us with new locations and are always overflowing with ideas. This is one of their latest bridal portrait shoots, and the added illustrations that were inspired by the couple’s life really caught our attention. A set of photos that is guaranteed to leave you with a smile. Victor: “My cousin told me to ‘check out Funky Dali; they’re really “you”’, and the moment I heard the music they used for their videos/slideshows, I knew I’d found ‘the one’. We didn’t know what to expect, what with their crazy, funky ideas. Most of them were spontaneous…

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    Cutout Animation

    Jehan Miskin, a Malaysian actor, producer and filmmaker, recently wed Korean girlfriend Julie Camelia Rhee. Shiroku Production was also recruited once again to produce a wedding video on their love story. Refusing to do the same thing they did for Yiu Lin and Azlan, they went with a totally different illustration approach this time using paper cutouts style. Cutout animation is a technique for producing animations using flat characters, props and backgrounds cut from materials such as paper or photographs. Today, cutout-style animation is frequently produced using computers, in this case vector graphics taking the place of physically cut materials. Another fun project accomplished – well done! JULIE & JEHAN…

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    Illustrated Invitations

    Life’s loveliest celebration deserves pretty paper goods, and it doesn’t get more personalised than illustrated wedding invitations. Here is a roundup of our favourite illustrators, each with their own distinctive style. Rifle Paper Co. – Anna Bond is famous for her whimsical illustrations. Delicate, hand-painted designs of everything from botanical prints to painted cityscapes, combined with beautiful lettering. Highly praised for their quality finish prints, Rifle Paper Co. has a huge following worldwide. Jolly Edition – Laura and Tom create bespoke illustrations for your wedding stationery. You’ve got to love Jolly Edition‘s custom portraits, which are so flawless you can almost imagine the characters coming alive. They also share some…

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    Inimitable Style

    Illustration by Tokwa Penaflorida We have seen creative people but Garovs and Ryan from Everywhere We Shoot are from a different realm altogether. Their style is really quite inimitable. Obviously this is not the kind of bridal portrait you see every day. We might even go further and say it’s never been seen before. We were already very excited when we saw some of the designers’ work, and now to have some of the best in the creative industry come together to do Garovs and Ryan’s wedding… we can’t help but feel overwhelmed. These photos were shot by MangoRed, in collaboration with some Filipino illustrators in Manila. Illustration by Apol…