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    A Music Video In Seoul Shot On An iPhone 6

    Nick Davis is a Malaysia-based music producer, singer and songwriter, while Eunice Lew is a singer and performer. So when Nick decided to propose to Eunice during their recent trip to Seoul, they wrote a song together to remember the occasion, and made a video for the song using just an iPhone 6. Love the tune. Nick: “The plan was to propose in Seoul but I also wanted something that we could keep to remember our time there. We didn’t want any cheesy flashmob videos, so we decided to write a song and shoot the music video for it there.” EUNICE & NICK {Korea} Video by Nick Davis / Song…

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    Selfies: A New Era In Wedding Day Photography

    #thecoolestbride #frommyseat Photo by thegaleria With social media having become part of our everyday life, times have definitely changed. These days, updates are instant with Instagram and Facebook, and couples are changing their statuses to ‘Married’ almost right after saying ‘I do’. On the flipside, some guests might miss out on the actual moments because they are too busy trying to record the bridal party walk-in and the exchanging of the vows. How do you avoid being that annoying guest who spoils the special moments for the couple, like in that famous video ‘Don’t Be That Guy’. Here is a list of moments when it is alright for you to…

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    Bringing Two Different Worlds Together

    This stop motion video actually tells this couple’s love story quite well, using an iPad and iPhone to show that they are worlds apart and how they were brought together. Renatus testified that this was no walk in the park; it took them a lot more time to plan than a regular video would, but it definitely was a fun experience. XIN HUI & JOEL {Singapore} Stop Motion and Editing by Renatus

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    Impressive iPhone Bridal Portrait Session

    You could probably track Anna-Rina down just through her many Instagram photos, and we wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s mastered taking photos with her iPhone. One beautiful day, after a photo session with this couple, she decided to do some additional shots with just her phone. The photos turned out amazing! Come to think about it, these photos make pretty good ‘Save The Date’ notices too. Anna-Rina: “I wanted to challenge myself to go back to the basics, to why I love shooting couples, and that is to show the camaraderie and love between them. This experiment basically reinforced the fact that at the end of the day,…

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    Bridal Portraits In India With An iPhone

    With the quality of smartphone cameras these days, everyone thinks they can be a photographer, but very few actually shoot good photos. Given the high-resolution images that the iPhone can produce, we know we shouldn’t be surprised by these images, but the fact is there aren’t many professional wedding photographers who can achieve anything quite like this with an iPhone. Sephi Bergerson loves shooting with his iPhone, but to have a couple who is bold enough to take up this challenge is quite another story. He took these photos with his iPhone, enhanced them with the Snapseed app, and added the Polaroid effect with Polamatic. Sephi Bergerson: “It was already…

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    Inspired By Prinstagram

    When we first stumbled upon Prinstagram, there were just so many ideas that came to mind. When we looked at the calendar we thought about combining it with Project 365 – a photo a day – casual shots of the couple that we could use to form a wall panel on the wedding day. The white space could even be an alternative guestbook. All the Instagram ideas for your wedding theme could be printed on square prints and included in the bridesmaids’ boxes so they have an idea of the kind of wedding you have in mind. If it fits into your budget, we actually thought the Tinybook is quite…

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    Live Streaming From Vegas

    Everybody loves the idea of getting wed at Vegas, but it is not exactly a simple task or easy on the pocket to bring all your loved ones there. The couple Charlene and Carl flew a few family and friends from Australia. Then they used an iPad and Skype to share the ceremony with family back home that were unable to make the voyage to this desert oasis. They also hired a photographer from Vegas, Ron Dillon Photography. Seriously, the digital world has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for destination weddings. CHARLENE & CARL {US} Photography by Ron Dillon Photography

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    Paperless Wedding Invites

    Traditionally, couples have tended to shy away from sending electronic wedding invites based on the notion that it lacks the personal touch. Some even say it’s poor manners. For us, unless it looks really good, we say don’t bother with paper invites, as most of them go into the waste bin anyway. These days, everyone is connected to the Internet regardless of age. And just about everyone is connected via some form of social media. If your guests are tech savvy people, then why not go the paperless route? You get to save a couple of trees in the process. Of course, if you’re inviting a lot of your parents’…

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    Three Is Better Than One

    This music video from Steve Shane is really good. Loads of effort and thought put into it. Coordinating the timing of all three iPhones is a challenge in itself, and we love the song very much too. Steve actually put up the three links below to encourage people to make their own videos. iPhone #1 This is the one you will start first. It’s the one with the audio track. iPhone #2 This is the one you will start second – when iPhone #1 is at 10 seconds. iPhone #3 This is the one you will start last – when iPhone #2 is at 5 seconds. It counts down from…

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    The Wedding Party App

    Imagine what you will be doing a week after your wedding day. No more décor to think about, planning to do, and vendors to call. Normally, to avoid withdrawal symptoms, most brides will start posting photos of their wedding on Facebook, and tagging their friends on every photo they can find of their wedding. There is just one hitch – all the images are on different pages. Well, this app totally solves that problem. It allows you to gather all your guests’ photos in one place, and you can even download and print them directly, saving you the trouble of asking for the photos from each of your friends. The…