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    Extremely Colourful Photoshoot

    We’ve seen many photoshoots that used holi powder, but never one as intimate as this set done by Jason Tey Photography. We’re lusting after Alisa’s pretty little white dress, both before and after it was covered in colour. It’s very liberating to see this set of photos, and we love how the two of them, as individuals, are like blank canvases, but when they come together they add so much more colour to each other’s lives. It’s quite a masterpiece, really.

  • Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    A Blush Pink Vera Wang Gown, With Tea And A Bunny

    The morning we received this submission from stylist Olivia Sjahrir and photographer Jason Tey, we fell head over heels in love. As if the romantic blush pink Vera Wang wasn’t enough to sweep us off our feet, there was a carefully styled tea party and that smartly dressed bunny too! It all feels like a fairytale come to life! Olivia: “Watching the couple sneak kisses when the camera wasn’t on them was heartwarming, and who could forget that gorgeous bunny?” Jason: “I shoot many bridal portraits for couples, and when it came time for Rachel and Yau Shu to plan theirs, Rachel wanted to incorporate her pet rabbit Mochi and…