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    A Traditional Chinese Gate-Crashing And Tea Ceremony In Red

    This couple is proof that tradition does not have to mean boring and old-fashioned at all. Done right, it can look vibrant and lively, and be a meaningful reminder of our roots and heritage. Li Jun and Erwin went all out, with the bride in full traditional bridal regalia: a resplendent “Qua”, the traditional Chinese wedding costume, complete with a gold headdress, lacy red veil and embroidered shoes. Her entourage of “Chi Mui” matched her in striking red cheongsams, while the groom himself showed up in a mandarin-collared suit. The gate-crashing ceremony created a lively atmosphere of joy and laughter, and really set the tone for the tea ceremony that…

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    An Extravagant Wedding At Marini’s On 57

    The decorative details at this wedding were simply breathtaking, and we love the colour palette that surely added to its sophistication: white to symbolise faith, black to convey elegance, and grey as a compromise between the two. The bride favoured a cosy garden wedding, and that was made possible with a leafy green wall and astro turf right on the 57th floor, with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers! After the bridal couple exchanged their vows, their reception was where the magic happened: from the white roses to the lavish gilded candleholders, from the black tablecloths to the sumptuous silver sequined cake. The draped curtains added dramatic flair to…

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    Garden Grandeur

    High school sweethearts who are finally tying the knot – this is the type of story that will make people believe in love once again. Watching them exchange vows moved their guests to tears. It was a simple ceremony and reception at a venue with a picturesque view. They DIY-ed most of their stationery, and even gave out homemade cranberry dark chocolate and pistachio treats as wedding favours. It is personal touches like this that make this wedding all the more beautiful. Thanks, Sayher, for sending over this lovely story. Cheang Kee: “Some of the most unforgettable moments were seeing the bride walk down the aisle, us tying the knot…