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    Bridal Portraits Beneath A Nightsky Full of Stars at Kundasang, Sabah

    These may well be the most spectacular bridal portraits we have ever seen. Fancy getting the Milky Way as the backdrop in your special album, and at Kundasang, Sabah! Thank you for these amazing captures, Patrick Kok Moments. What a journey for this couple and their trusted photographer! They left Kota Kinabalu and made for Kundasang at night, hoping to see the Milky Way. Upon their arrival, they felt that the sky wasn’t what they had envisioned, so they decided to wait an hour, taking a nap in the car. Sure enough, the clouds soon began to part and twinkling stars filled the sky. The photographer quickly set up his…

  • Photo by Threebox Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    The Lush Jungle And Sunny Beach Of Sabah

    From the lush rainforests and mountains to the glorious beaches and azure waters of the South China Sea, Sabah is undeniably beautiful – and these bridal portraits certainly captured that. The bride looked exceptionally gorgeous too, in the two-piece dress that she wore by the ocean and that dreamy gown in the jungle shots. Many thanks to Threebox Studio for this lovely set of photos!