• Photo by Axioo. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Moody Yet Glamorous Sepia-Toned Wedding in Venice

    Glamour and drama don’t always have to mean big and over the top affairs. For these newlyweds, their destination wedding was an intimate one with just close friends and family, set in the richly beautiful city of Venice, Italy. Steeped in history, Venice was already so romantic and exquisite that the couple opted for just minimal décor, including some flowers, textures and colour, and guests even wore jewel tones to match the chic sepia tones of the city. Thank you for these jaw dropping shots, Axioo!

  • Photo by Louis Gan of Munkeat Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A White and Green Minimalist Elegant Wedding at Metal Bees

    Minimalist elegance is a popular wedding theme for good reason. Clean cut and semi-industrial spaces like Metal Bees Production House in Petaling Jaya make brilliant venues for couples who, like these lovebirds, desire to keep things in perspective by spending less time on prep and more time on preparing for their marriage. Thank you for these superb shots, Louis Gan of MunKeat Studio!

  • Photo by Metrophoto. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    The Most Amazing Places On Earth: Bucket List Post-Wedding Portraits

    While we’ve seen plenty of travel bucket lists, we’ve never met anyone who’s attempted not one but two exotic destinations in a single trip for post-wedding portraits! Like a page straight out of a storybook, these photos have captured the fairytale beauty of the cobblestone streets, narrow alleys with gaslights, and beautiful exposed brick architecture of Dubrovnik in Iceland and Kotor in Montenegro. With the azure sea and bright blue sky as the perfect backdrop, the arched corridors, medieval design and hauntingly beautiful buildings are breathtaking. Besides the scenic views and talented team of Metrophoto, it helps that the couple also have some of the most stylish and gorgeous outfits…