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    See This FaceTime Photoshoot Done During The Circuit Breaker in Singapore

    Talk about creative! Never have we seen a Save the Date like this absolutely gorgeous social media experiment. It really leaves an impression. Faced with the uncertainty of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker, Melvin of Multifolds Photography and his crew pulled off a FaceTime photoshoot using their knowledge of mobile phone photo editing, creating an awesome set of #stayhome portraits for this quirky couple. While these photos in no way replicate the resolution and quality of in-person bridal portrait shoots, it’s a creative and memorable experience for couples who want an interesting and timely keepsake at an affordable price. Playing around with the technology required is part of the fun, as shown…

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    Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Picnic On A Truck

    It’s especially sweet when couples choose to include seemingly normal items in documenting their love story. In this instance, it was Yihui’s pick-up truck, which played an integral part in their relationship. And why not? It was with this very truck that Yihui would drive Mindy around and take her out on dates. Many thanks to Melvin Lau of Multifolds Photography for this creative set of bridal portraits. He transformed the back of the truck into a picnic area, complete with dreamy décor, fairy lights and beautiful florals.

  • Photo by Multifolds Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Colourful Side To Melbourne

    Melbourne has always been a favourite amongst couples when it comes to bridal portraits, and this couple is no different. We can understand why – there’s certainly a wealth of naturally beautiful backdrops for photographs there. From the graffiti covered walls of Hosier Lane in Melbourne’s CBD to the vibrant beach houses famously lining Mornington Beach, or the breathtaking colours of the coast and the falling leaves of autumn in many of Melbourne’s public parks, the opportunities are countless. Many thanks to Multifolds Photography for these bridal portraits.

  • Photo by Multifolds Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Dreamy, Rustic Styled Shoot With The Bridesmaids

    There’s no better light than sunlight – together with the soft colour palette of pastel pink and white, it gave this photoshoot an all over dreamy, rustic fairytale feel. Thanks to Multifolds for sending us this whimsical styled shoot. The wispy dresses and flower crowns were just what was needed to complete the look.

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2016 – Issue 13

    In this issue we look at weddings with different “personalities”, from minimalist and bohemian to chic and oriental. Gone are the days of cookie cutter nuptials; today’s DIY bridal couples are showing off their individuality with confidence. Like a piece of art, their weddings are the expression of their passions, dreams and style. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

  • Magazine

    The Wedding Notebook Magazine October 2014 – issue 08

    This issue is filled with all things romantic and dreamy: trend highlights from New York International Bridal Fashion Week, including tulle and pastel shades; graceful ballerina bridal portraits; and beautiful colour palettes and blooms from real weddings that are sure to capture your heart. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Whimsical Rustic Styled Shoot

    It is hard to not pay attention to this romantic, floral styled shoot. Thanks to the touch of Eunice from Heaven in A Wild Flower, Jessicacindy’s breathtaking dresses and the beautiful photography by Melvin from Multifolds Photography, the photos of this gorgeous and loving couple, Melissa and Jonathan, are making us weak in the knees! MELISSA & JONATHAN {Singapore} Photography by Multifolds Photography / Styling by Heaven in A Wild Flower / Gowns by Jessicacindy / Hair and Makeup by Pearlyn Law Make Up & Hairstyling {Read more about this in the magazine}

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    Under The Big Blue Sky In Perth

    Both Susana and John work with Singapore Airlines and that is where they got to know each other. Because they travel so much, having their bridal portraits taken overseas wouldn’t have been something unique for them. So instead they had theirs taken at the Perth training ground for pilots, complete with planes. Thanks, Multifolds, for these lovely sunset photos. SUSANA & JOHN {Australia} Photography by Multifolds Photography / Hair and Makeup by Creations by Kassy / Location Perth

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    What These Wedding Albums Tell Us About The Photographer

    We’re totally sold by these pretty albums, and even though it’s not always the case, it’s also not entirely shallow to think that good products always come with great packaging. These albums all contain three elements: 1) Personalised, handmade details; 2) The photographers use only the best quality materials; 3) Beautiful layouts (only possible when the client doesn’t insist on including too many photos). Read on to find out what you can learn from some of our favourite photographers’ album packaging. We find it hard to believe that photographers who put so much effort into their albums won’t do the same for your shoot. #01 James Simmons Photography, Perth That…

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    Vintage Polaroid Camera Wedding Invitations

    If we ever received such an invite, it would surely go into our treasure box of goodness. We knew you would be just as interested about them as we were. So we grilled the bride on everything, from the conception of the idea and the cost right down to the production process. Jeri and Bern designed, sent to print and folded these invitations themselves.Multifolds Photography is so fortunate to have had such cool clients! Read more about their wedding here. The Concept – “Bern has always had an interest in vintage collectibles – TVs, bicycles, cameras, computers, etc. It was during our initial brainstorming with our wedding planner, Jessica from…

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    A Wedding Ceremony At Intercontinental Singapore

    Multifolds posted this wedding invitation many months back and it has definitely left an impression. Our expectations for the wedding were high and we are so glad it did not disappoint. It even had its own twists and fun, including “missing wedding rings”! Sometimes we can’t help but feel that weddings have become over-commercialised and have lost their meaning, but couples like Jeri and Bern remind us that there’s still hope. This couple carefully designed, printed and folded each of their invitations, and their wedding favours were so thoughtful we’re sure their guests felt their sincerity and love. One of their most memorable moments came when the couple pretended during…