• Photo by Toto Villaruel Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Elegant Black and White With A Hint Of Champagne

    Keeping things modern yet classic, this couple went with the timelessly elegant colours of black, white and champagne. With the background colour palette in place, fresh white flowers and leafy greens, crisp white tablecloths and décor punctuated with dreamy fairy lights created the perfect setup for celebrating their new union with family and friends. We especially love the exposed beams of the church, which added a touch of grandeur. Many thanks to Toto Villaruel for capturing such beautiful moments and snapshots!

  • Ben Yew Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Romantic Pink Wedding at Ferguson Valley, WA

    Traditionally, the groom would have his brothers and/or best guy friends and the bride would have her sisters and/or best girlfriends for their respective wedding parties. But whoever said that the bride’s best friend couldn’t be a guy and vice versa? Bridesman, man of honour, groomsmaid or best lady – call them what you will, the bottom line is that on one of the most significant days of your life, you want your closest and dearest standing next to you as you say ‘I do’. Keeping the wedding minimal and theme-less, without any accented colours, this bride had all her bridesmaids (including a guy!) dress in dusty pink. What a…

  • Photo by Lara Hotz Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Enchanting Rustic Wedding At The National Arts School, Sydney

    It’s easy to get swept up in the hubbub of planning a wedding, so much so that most newlyweds forget it’s also a celebration of love and one giant party! Not many would’ve thought to get married at an arts school, but this bride and groom had the right idea – exchanging vows at the National Arts School in Sydney against a stunning colourful backdrop, followed by a dinner reception at an old gaol site. Graffiti walls, natural sunlight and aerial shots formed the perfect equation for their wedding photoshoot. Many thanks to Lara Hotz Photography for the gorgeous pictures. Vanessa: “If there was an underlying theme to the wedding,…

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    Vintage Carnival

    This wedding is awesome on so many levels. A good location, and a very inspiring, fun theme and team! And of course we have this set of very beautiful images from Jonathan Ong. Sometimes we feel as though all of heaven rejoices whenever there’s a couple who celebrates with a wedding that is true to themselves. We know it’s not fair; the bride had a team of wedding designers. Which got us thinking, maybe sometimes we just don’t trust our event planners enough when they give us crazy, conceptual ideas, because we think no one has done it before. Maybe sometimes we just need to dive in with a leap…

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    Green Vintage

    This wedding truly is a celebration of friends and loved ones. From the wedding planning by good friend Theodora Soh to the invitations and stationery, from the flowers and décor to the cakes and desserts, everything was put together by friends of the bridal couple. How very blessed they are to have been showered with so much help from family and friends. Besides the beautiful details, we also love the people and the emotions that were captured. You can almost hear the music, the tears and the laughter. And looking at all the photos and watching the video, you realise that is exactly what it was like. Charlene: “Standing outside…