• Bridal portraits in New Zealand. Photography by The Wedding Barn. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Helicopter Flight To Coromandel Peak For Nature-Filled Portraits In New Zealand

    Nothing really prepares you for the untouched beauty and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. Mother Nature served up the most marvellous setting for these wedding portraits, which were captured over the course of a three-day adventure. After all, what is marriage if not an adventure with your beloved? Many thanks to Photography by The Wedding Barn Gallery for capturing these exceptional photos!

  • Photo by Nicholas Yuen Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Bridal Portraits in South Island, New Zealand, in a Campervan

    We adore this sweet love story. The bride is an old friend of the photographer’s, and had recently gotten married. She wanted to shoot her bridal portraits in South Island, New Zealand, and the result, this beautiful album, reads like a tapestry of the newlyweds’ love. Thank you for these breathtaking captures, Nicholas Yuen Photography! The couple had been to New Zealand several times before. For this trip, they wanted to explore to their hearts’ content, which required meticulous planning with their photographer. With a rented campervan as their dressing room and “base”, they were able to travel through the New Zealand countryside and capture the most stunning scenery. Now…

  • FaceTime Bridal Portraits. Multifolds Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    See This FaceTime Photoshoot Done During The Circuit Breaker in Singapore

    Talk about creative! Never have we seen a Save the Date like this absolutely gorgeous social media experiment. It really leaves an impression. Faced with the uncertainty of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker, Melvin of Multifolds Photography and his crew pulled off a FaceTime photoshoot using their knowledge of mobile phone photo editing, creating an awesome set of #stayhome portraits for this quirky couple. While these photos in no way replicate the resolution and quality of in-person bridal portrait shoots, it’s a creative and memorable experience for couples who want an interesting and timely keepsake at an affordable price. Playing around with the technology required is part of the fun, as shown…

  • Photo by H+ Studio. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Bridal Portraits with Stunning Views Taken in New Zealand

    We’re magically transported to gorgeous Lake Tepako, Mount Cook, Queenstown and Arrowtown in New Zealand, just by browsing through this amazing album of bridal portraits. Thank you for these stunning captures, H+ Studio! We love New Zealand as a bridal portrait location, from the snow-clad mountains and plains, to the lakes and glistening rivers in both town and country. The wooden structures, Christmas in the streets, and the cobblestone Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tekapo all breathe a charm that can only be found in the Land of the Long White Cloud. 

Bridal portrait getaways such as this one is a great opportunity for soon-to-be spouses to wind…

  • Photography by Axioo. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Romantic and Dreamy Stormy Blue Wedding in Queenstown

    Oh, this wedding is straight out of a reverie – with soft stormy blue accents, pale pink flowers and frosty greens, the colour palette had all the makings of a fantasy dreamland. Set in New Zealand, where the natural terrain is already indisputably beautiful, the newlyweds paid close attention to the little things, bringing all the details together like it was meant to be. Just like their union. From textured throws to gilded candlesticks for a tinge of drama, the props included antlers that gave the wedding a rustic feel. The bridal portraits were stunning of course, thanks to the tall trees and rolling hills. But our favourite was the…

  • Photo by VRP Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Poignant and Intimate Pre-Wedding Shoot in Queenstown New Zealand

    We were absolutely floored by the magnificence of Queenstown, New Zealand, as captured in this couple’s pre-wedding shoot. These amazing shots certainly evoke the deep sense of quality, life and beauty that only nature can provide. This adventurous couple worked hard in the cold, enduring various weather conditions and cosying up at the various spots they discovered with their photographer. The miles of meadow, with snowcapped mountains in the distance, billowy clouds overhead and the brilliant galaxy of stars in the night sky, are simply out of this world! Thanks, VRP Photography, for this beautiful set!

  • Photo by Fixer Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Road Trip Of Beautiful Memories In New Zealand

    More than just beautiful photos captured amidst the majestic backdrop of mountains, rivers and heritage buildings in New Zealand, this couple’s love story is one that warms our hearts: they met as students in New Zealand, and upon graduating planned to begin their lives together, but first they wanted to honour their memories at some of their favourite places in the land where they fell in love. Kiko and Sean look gorgeous together, and check out the bride’s blush gown photographed in the picturesque outdoors. We love the tenderness and simplicity captured in these bridal portraits – what a brilliant idea to do this on a road trip! Shared Sam…

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    Pre-Wedding Motorhome Adventure Across New Zealand

    New Zealand is well known for its scenic landscapes, and what a waste it would be if couples were to simply rush from one spot to another just for a few photographs. We love these photos for their sense of adventure and you can just feel the couple enjoying the experience. The idea behind your bridal portraits should be to make memories and capture your genuine love for each other, not to stage it. Indra of Iluminen: “This wasn’t a typical pre-wedding shoot, it was more of a ‘let’s go on an adventure’. We drove for hours listening to music and stopped at places that caught our interest. We parked…

  • Photo by Peter Herman Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Stunning Landscapes In New Zealand

    If you’re running short on ideas on how to make your wedding portrait album a remarkable one, let a stunning landscape win half the battle for you. Waen Yien and Vui Jiin’s beautiful love story practically narrates itself as they stood in the New Zealand’s countryside, against arresting backdrops of majestic mountains, grasslands, rivers, a quaint cobblestone church and even the night sky ablaze with stars. It was a full day’s shoot with four wardrobe and hairdo changes for the couple, but they handled it with ease thanks to the beautiful weather. On a deeper level, we love how the vast expanse of the landscapes around them and the starry…

  • Photo by Euhau Leong. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Classic Hollywood Romance

    Much like the happily-ever-afters of Hollywood films, this set of bridal portraits perfectly encapsulates the newlyweds’ mutual love for films and all things timeless. After all, a classic is a beauty that withstands the weather of time. With a dramatic red lip for the bride and dapper tailored suits for the groom, they were indeed a sight to behold, with no detail spared in their perfect homage to the golden age of Hollywood. Set in New Zealand with all its untouched beauty, we love the fashion choices (pearls and lace), floral prints and headgear. Many thanks to Euhau Leong of LOORK for capturing these amazing bridal portraits, and to Rong…

  • DIY Wedding Photoshoot, Canada, Lake Louise
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    A DIY Wedding Photoshoot That Took 3 Years, 10 Countries and 50 Cities To Create

    Around the world in 3 years – this couple incorporated their love for travel with their love for each other through 50 cities in 10 different countries over 3 years. Making full use of nature, culture and their sense of adventure, this wonderful DIY set of photos encapsulates the excitement this couple shared (for 3 years!) before finally tying the knot. Kenny: “Most of our photos were taken using a tripod and remote control, while some of it was shot by friends and family who travelled with us. It was quite challenging yet fun, and the process was indeed memorable.” CANADA Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada Lake Louise, Alberta Canada Lake…