• Cinema themed wedding. Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A DIY Movie Themed Wedding

    Photo by Mark Teo Photography Photo by Mark Teo Photography Photo by Mark Teo Photography We are proud of this couple who coordinated their own wedding. Once in a while, you’ll see a groom who really wants to be involved, and in this case, it was because he wanted to see his bride happy! We love this wedding not just because of the romantic venue, but also the way they gave it character so they could call it their own. Since both Tenny and Aaron are from an advertising agency, their wedding was filled with quirky copywriting, and they successfully engaged their guests with lots of laughter and tears of…

  • Photography by Bloc Memoire. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Love Stories,  Whimsical

    Woodland Magic At Nosh

    With no décor planned 1.5 months before her wedding, you’ll be impressed at what this bride pulled off. Salute. Thanks, Bloc Memoire, for this gorgeous set. Van Mi: “At the end of the solemnisation ceremony, after exchanging vows with Wei Kiat, I could not help but reach for a hug from my mum, and we both cried tears of joy. My father, seeing this and fighting to control his emotions, turned to my husband and said, ‘Take care of my daughter, yes?’ And my husband replied with such conviction in his voice, ‘I will, dad.’ I guess parents have different ways of expressing their feelings, as this really showed.

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    Bohemian Bash

    With the unpredictable weather in Singapore, Nosh is a brilliant space – open-air yet sheltered just in case the weather decides to be less kind. Even in such a simple dress, Katrina looked absolutely beautiful. It’s nice to see such a light-hearted ceremony and reception. To illustrate their happy and fun nature, as well as their love for the reality show Survivor, the couple customised shot glasses with the words “I survived Isaac and Katrina’s wedding” for their guests. We’re really glad Samuel Goh shared this beautiful bohemian wedding with us. Tips from the bride: “Time and the Internet are your best friends. If you take the time and effort…