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    Celebrating Love At Klebang Sand Dunes, Melaka

    We’re totally digging this bride-to-be’s gorgeous pre-wedding shots of her in her flight attendant uniform, which also tells of her proudest achievements as she looks forward to an exciting future with her man. Making the album extra special is the fact that the photos were taken in Malacca, where she grew up, while the tennis shoot is a nod to the couple’s shared love for the sport. Great shots, Bitesize Visuals! Brides who relate, here’s Su Lynn’s wedding planning philosophy: “Don’t get all caught up in planning and stressing out for the big day, although it can be easier said than done.”

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    Picture Perfect In Venice

    While the charm of Italy is undeniable, the ancient city of Venice is a beautiful place full of mystery and wrapped in history. Grand architecture, wide open piazzas, bridges over the canals… it is the perfect romantic backdrop for bridal portraits. Thanks to Rossini Photography for this truly picturesque set.

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    Letterpress Wedding Invitations And A Creative Guestbook Alternative

    Here’s another occupation inspired wedding invitation. We like this simple, one colour printing letterpress invitation, as it really brings out the best of letterpress printing. Good design does not need to be complicated. Zoe: “I’m a photographer and my fiancé is a Stage Sound Technician by profession, so I used camera and headphone icons for the theme. I wanted letterpress printing; that is why I tried to use elements that could be felt on the paper’s texture, to bring out the best of letterpress. I also made a separate tag for our Chinese names to go with our English names, as they looked strange together. I love the final outcome so much! “For…

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    When A Wedding Photographer Weds

    Have you ever wondered what photographers do for their own nuptials if all they see week in, week out are weddings? How do they make their weddings different so it doesn’t feel like just another event? Brian Ho of thegaleria recently tied the knot with Justine, a lawyer by day and second violinist of VOX by night. Brian is one of the pioneers of film photography in Singapore, and his wife Justine is also an avid film photographer with a mean collection of lomo cameras. They wanted their wedding to be a representation of what they love – film photography and handmade stuff. That’s how the idea of the “film…

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    Under The Big Blue Sky In Perth

    Both Susana and John work with Singapore Airlines and that is where they got to know each other. Because they travel so much, having their bridal portraits taken overseas wouldn’t have been something unique for them. So instead they had theirs taken at the Perth training ground for pilots, complete with planes. Thanks, Multifolds, for these lovely sunset photos. SUSANA & JOHN {Australia} Photography by Multifolds Photography / Hair and Makeup by Creations by Kassy / Location Perth

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    Love Is…

    Here we go again, talking about how typography can really change your whole wedding day style. Both Tiffany and Mark are designers, and Mark is actually a typographer too. We’ve lost count of how many designers’ weddings we have featured. Their refusal to conform to the norm always catches our eye when we see one of their weddings. There’s always a strong message and concept that carries through, and it’s such a joy to see them share their creativity with their loved ones. This couple wed on 09.10.11 in Palm Springs, thus the iconic logotype “Nine.Ten.Eleven.” They rented the entire Movie Colony Hotel in Palm Springs, and used it as…

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    Fight Back To School

    The Chinese gate crashing ceremony has been getting a bit boring these days; people doing the same old dances or eating the same disgusting things. But here’s something fresh captured for us by Inspiron Studio that will surely remind you of the good old days when you were back in school – Sports Day! We’re not sure about the cross-dressing, but well, if the guys don’t mind… AILEEN & JOSHUA {Malaysia} Videography by Inspiron Studio

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    Occupation Inspired Wedding Details

    To be honest, most of us do not have the luxury of taking half a year off work to plan our wedding. Since we spend most of our waking hours at work, it’s not a bad idea to find inspiration there. Take a break and look around your workplace – ideas are right before your eyes. From paper goods to signs, uniforms or even nametags, all you need to do is add a little humour, and they could be the personal touch that makes your wedding yours. 1 pilot weds stewardess: cake topper / 2 surgeon: LEGO cufflinks / 3 director: movie clapper made from vinyl record album / 4…

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    We Fell In Love Despite Our Differences

    If you love what you are doing, then there is no reason to not include it in your bridal portraits. We totally love this set of photos where the couple injects some fun and laughter into their seemingly mundane workspaces. Claudia is a hairdresser while Riva is a concrete manufacturer. Looking at this set of photos, you know there will never be a dull moment in their journey together. The team tells us more about how these two fell in love, despite their differences. Happiness. All Season – Photo: “Opposites attract is a term that truly describes these two. Riva is an old friend of my wife and me. We…