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    When Illustrated Animals Join The Wedding Party

    This wedding took place a while back but we were so impressed by it that we just had to share! Look at how timeless it is. From what we’ve observed, creative weddings usually only happen when the couple has full confidence and trust in their designer and give them the freedom to explore. Thanks, One Eye Click, for capturing these very detailed illustrations by The Joy Troopers.

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine July 2014 – issue 07

    This issue, we celebrate all things fashion, right down to the smallest details. From bridal trends and fashionable brides to styled shoots, you’ll love our many pages of beautiful outdoor weddings, including at a vineyard, in a stunning courtyard, and an al-fresco dining reception. Also featured are bridal portraits in Japan and a special section on picturesque Kyoto. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    The Umbrella Series

    A lovely set of photos built around one of the most common things on Earth, the umbrella. Our imaginations went wild just thinking about how many more photos they could have gone on taking. Brilliant idea. One Eye Click: “When we first sat down with Lynn and Chris to conceptualise the shoot, the first thing they wanted was a series of photos with umbrellas in it. To them, umbrellas have a deep meaning. Umbrellas bring people together no matter rain or shine. As we spoke further, we ended up with an entire album with the theme ‘Umbrellas’. And as Chris says, ‘The best is yet to be.’”

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    Goat Farm Oriental Wedding

    We never imagined there were goat farms in Singapore, let alone anyone actually having a wedding at one. But we’re so glad that Stephanie and KC did, because they’ve opened up so many possibilities for wedding venues. The setup looks amazing, and we wish we could have been there to witness this. Terry from One Eye Click: “For a girl who has spent most of her life on a goat farm, rearing and milking them, it must have been a dream come true for her to get married on the goat farm she grew up in. “We were very honoured to be able to capture the wedding of Stephanie and…

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine January 2013 – issue 01

    The Wedding Notebook magazine is an online wedding magazine that not only feature beautiful inspirational weddings but new creative ideas. This magazine features the best compilations of real weddings, styled bridal portraits and more in our website from the last quarter. You’ll have more in-depth interviews and tips from the newlyweds and photographers. Don’t forget to check out our site, where you’ll find more real weddings to inspire your big day. {If you have problem viewing, please click here}

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    Green Vintage

    This wedding truly is a celebration of friends and loved ones. From the wedding planning by good friend Theodora Soh to the invitations and stationery, from the flowers and décor to the cakes and desserts, everything was put together by friends of the bridal couple. How very blessed they are to have been showered with so much help from family and friends. Besides the beautiful details, we also love the people and the emotions that were captured. You can almost hear the music, the tears and the laughter. And looking at all the photos and watching the video, you realise that is exactly what it was like. Charlene: “Standing outside…

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    Love You Bear-y Much!

    One Eye Click: It’s not every day that you get to see a pair of life-sized bears on Orchard Road. But for Terence and Cindy, it was a once in a lifetime experience when they dressed up as their favourite bears and took to the busy streets. It was really fun photographing them in the unusual outfits and also observing how people reacted to them. CINDY & TERENCE {Singapore} Photography by One Eye Click / Location Orchard Road, Singapore

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    One Eye Click

    Website www.oneeyeclick.com / Facebook One Eye Click / Instagram @oneeyeclick / Email info[at]oneeyeclick.com / Contact Number +65 6493 2121, +65 9023 1648, +65 9189 0446 / Address 11 Woodlands Close, #06-04, Singapore 737853 At One Eye Click, we share a common passion – documenting life. Started in 2002 by Terry and his wife Ginosko, One Eye Click introduced the idea of conceptualised bridal photography in Singapore, and has been an industry trend leader ever since. They believe that every couple has a story to tell, and seek to understand each couple’s needs before they conceptualise a bridal shoot. As for your wedding day, you’ll appreciate their journalistic approach, which captures…