• Era-themed setup at Seven Terraces. Event Styling by Coochicoo. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    1940s Peranakan Themed Party At Seven Terraces

    Penang is known for its beautiful boutique hotels and architecture. Seven Terraces is one of its many beautiful properties, and when the owner decided to celebrate his birthday there, Jo Kee of Bliss & Glitz, formerly known as Coochicoo, took the opportunity to come up with a themed party. Indeed it was a perfect setup and venue for those looking for something different.

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    Shanghai-Themed Wedding Reception

    Traditional wedding with a modern twist. Thanks, Memoir Click Studio for capturing these photos and sharing it with us. Jiayi: “We wanted something fancy that we wouldn’t normally get from hotels in Singapore, and we wanted to merge traditional Chinese with the modern, funky or retro themes of our younger generation, so we went with a Shanghai theme of deep luscious red, roses, lavish pearls, push carts and bright light bulbs. It was a marriage of a more youthful theme with the traditional requirements such as tons of auspicious red, traditional gift baskets, bedroom slippers and wedding favours. The venue was able to accommodate large amounts of people and the…

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    Goat Farm Oriental Wedding

    We never imagined there were goat farms in Singapore, let alone anyone actually having a wedding at one. But we’re so glad that Stephanie and KC did, because they’ve opened up so many possibilities for wedding venues. The setup looks amazing, and we wish we could have been there to witness this. Terry from One Eye Click: “For a girl who has spent most of her life on a goat farm, rearing and milking them, it must have been a dream come true for her to get married on the goat farm she grew up in. “We were very honoured to be able to capture the wedding of Stephanie and…