• Photo by Hellojanelee. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Dusty Blue And Gold DIY Wedding At Tanarimba Janda Baik

    High ceilings and wooden decorative elements make for a perfect rustic vintage wedding, what more if some of the wooden details were actually crafted by the groom himself? This couple chose to personalise their wedding in a very special way, and complementing their wooden décor was a gorgeous colour palette of dusty blue and soft pastel pink, all brought together with touches of gold. Many thanks to hellojanelee Photography for capturing these wonderful moments – from the joy and laughter right down to the amazing décor! Don’t forget to play the beautiful video from Motion in Style.

  • Photo by thegaleria. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Gilded, Glamorous Wedding At Tanarimba, Janda Baik

    This juxtaposition of gold and gilded glamour against the lush greenery of nature certainly made for a comfortable yet elegant wedding. Despite the detailed décor, the couple kept things cosy and intimate, infusing much of their personality into their wedding. With simple décor points like white drapery and green vines looping the wedding arch, modern bridesmaids’ dresses, magical hanging lights, and elaborate, gorgeous centrepieces with hanging vines and beads, everything came together perfectly. Many thanks to Brian Ho of thegaleria for capturing this stunning set of photos. Charlotte: “It was really special to have my father walk beside me and give me away to the man I was about to…