• Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Earthy, Blush Pink Church Wedding In Singapore

    Eucalyptus leaves, chosen for their scent and deep green colour, were the main decorative point for this wedding, and what a beautiful way to tie the décor together! From the cake and the decorations to the bouquets and the invitations, hues of blush pink contrasted beautifully against the rich green shades. Set against the backdrop of a classic church that was filled with natural light, this wedding was simple yet elegant, nature-focussed yet modern. The couple looked absolutely breathtaking in their attire and every bit in love with each other. Many thanks to Bloc Memoire Photography for this beautiful set of photos!

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    Dreamy Love Storybook

    We love this storybook! It is true that every couple has a story and it doesn’t just end with “and they lived happily ever after”. Rather, there’s a prequel that comes before and a new chapter that they will begin. Life will have its share of ups and downs but this is the road that they have vowed to journey on together. Pearlyn: “We absolutely love bunnies, so the first step was to create our logo, and everything else fit right in. We wanted our wedding to be soft, dreamy and romantic, and yet not too fussy. For our photoshoot, Super Panda Presents and Jessica from Wedrock Weddings did a…

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    Pearlyn and Paper

    Website www.pearlynandpaper.com / Facebook Pearlyn and Paper / Instagram @pearlynkmin / Email hello[at]pearlynandpaper.com / Contact Number +82 10 2952 7446 / Based in Singapore Pearlyn is a jewellery designer and diamond grader by training who was recently a bride herself. These days, she’s also a wedding stationery designer who is currently based in Korea, having discovered a love for weddings while she was planning and designing her own. She uses mainly watercolour as her medium, although she loves playing with different mediums such as ink and prints. She also loves the little details, from design and usability to final packaging. If you love romantic details, she would be perfect for…