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    An Intimate and Whimsical Floral Wedding

    There’s nothing like flowers to mark a joyous occasion, and we’re in love with the wheat stalks and bright blooms of this beautiful and whimsical wedding. With the world beginning to open up again, Abby and Julo are one of many couples who opted for a smaller celebration, but that didn’t stop them from going all out to enjoy their big day. A downsized wedding doesn’t mean a lack of detail; if anything, the bride’s gorgeous ankle-length gown, sleek over-sized sunglasses, and bow that was attached to her veil were all the right elements for the perfect Audrey Hepburn look. Many thanks to ProudRad for this gorgeous set of wedding…

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    A Whimsical and Glamorous Wedding in Ilocos Sur, The Philippines

    After years in a long distance relationship, this couple was finally ready to get married, only to have a volcano eruption scare and the Covid-19 pandemic derail their wedding plans! Their persistence paid off at last – in an intimate gathering of just 42 people, they exchanged vows and were pronounced husband and wife. And despite their ever-changing plans, they still managed to have the wedding of their dreams. Many thanks to ProudRad for capturing this impeccably beautiful wedding, planned by Sweetdays by Chloe Pablico! Aloiza: “While this might sound cliché, every moment of our wedding day was memorable, for it was everything we hoped for and more. “Our love…

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    An All-White Nautical Themed Yacht Wedding in Manila Bay

    The ongoing pandemic has meant that couples have had to get creative with their wedding planning, whether it was eloping, postponing, or simply keeping things really intimate. These newlyweds went one step further, tying the knot on a yacht! Now that’s a pandemic wedding for the photo albums. As a wedding venue, the yacht ticked all the right boxes, from keeping the guests safely distanced from crowds to, of course, being downright gorgeous. Thanks to ProudRad for these blissfully romantic wedding photos! Josh: “Our wedding planning was actually rushed, as we had originally planned to get married in Bali in January 2021. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the pandemic, we…

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    A Classic, Simple Church Wedding in Manila

    The pandemic might have slowed things down for the rest of the world, but for Camille and Mark, life took a joyful turn – they’re having a baby! Keeping things simple but intimate, they finally got to exchange vows and become husband and wife. At their reception, in addition to celebrating their wedding, they also did a gender reveal of their baby – it’s a baby boy! Thank you, ProudRad, for this gorgeous and sweet set of wedding photos. Mark: “Our story is one of providence amidst a pandemic. It started in March 2020, when the country went into lockdown just as we returned from a trip to Japan. Japan…

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    An Impromptu Silver and Blue Church Wedding

    For many couples, a postponement of their wedding was inevitable when the pandemic hit. With Bianca and Modesto, however, they decided to bring forward their wedding date and just tie the knot anyway! Saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life really just needs the both of you, a handful of witnesses (loved ones and family), and the priest to officiate. Standing before just 10 guests and with social distancing protocols in place, they pulled it off! That didn’t mean they had to compromise on the décor and flowers or their wonderful day. With the mothers of the bride and groom looking resplendent in their grey-blue gowns and the…

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    Romantic Bridal Portraits at the Exquisite Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in the Philippines

    Talk about all-around resplendence in a bridal portrait album! These gorgeous images have everything: the beautiful couple, their romantic wedding outfits and a stunning shoot location in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a sprawling property of over 400 hectares in Bagac, Bataan, in the Philippines. This location could easily pass for Europe! Thank you for these amazing shots, Helium Hearts. It looks like exploring your own country for your bridal portraits has become the new norm, and what a wonderful opportunity to do so. Who would have known of such an exquisite piece of history, restored from absolute ruin, in a country as young as the Philippines if not for…

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    A Bohemian Chic Lockdown Wedding At Home

    In just five days, these newlyweds booked a photographer and videographer, and sent out an instructional manual on having a wedding at home – talk about beating the odds when it comes to tying the knot! Who’s to say a home wedding can’t be just as special and magical? Keeping within Community Quarantine protocols, they coordinated everything online, and on their big day, 70 guests dialed in to witness their vow exchange. What beautiful photos these turned out to be, there’s definitely something so intimate and sweet about starting your new life together at home. Thanks to ProudRad for these!

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    Black and White Film Noir Bridal Portraits at The Henry Hotel, Pasay City, Manila

    The touch of film noir in this photoshoot is just… sexy. Despite three date changes due to unforeseen circumstances in scheduling, these photos that were taken at The Henry Hotel in Pasay City, Manila, are truly fantastic. Before we go on, kudos to Chyv of MangoRed for these stunning images! The groom is a pilot based outside of Manila, which made scheduling tricky since the shoot had to be planned around his schedule. They finally managed to get it done – just six days before the wedding! Not surprisingly, their wedding guests loved the unique and refreshing take on bridal portraits.

  • Photo by Helium Hearts. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    A Dreamy Blue Grey, Terra Cotta Infused Cliff-Top Styled Shoot in the Philippines

    Wow, the elements of this styled shoot truly blew us away! From the pebble beach and the crashing waves to the lush forests and dramatic cliffs overlooking the ocean, there is no better backdrop than Mother Nature. Completing this look are the bride and groom’s outfits, including the bride’s long train and veil, which helped to add serenity and dreaminess to the overall effect. We love the chic use of the geometric arch, not to mention the terra cotta cutlery and crockery, and the blue grey touches for a pop of colour. Kudos to Cuckoo Cloud Concepts for making this happen, together with the beautiful florals by Vatel Manilla, and…

  • Photo by MangoRED Studios. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Breathlessly Romantic Beachside Bridal Portraits in Philippines

    Love can make you feel like you’re the only two people in the world, and these bridal portraits certainly captured the drama, glamour and romance of this couple’s love story. From the stunning gowns to the over-the-top hand bouquet and more, the details all came together to make these contemporary bridal portraits an album to remember. Thanks to MangoRed for showing us what the Philippines has to offer.

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    Bridal Portraits in the Midst of a Typhoon at Batanes, Philippines

    Marriage is so often about being on board with your partner in making the best of every situation when things don’t turn out as expected. We love the way this gorgeous couple improvised their bridal portraits when their romantic shoot in Batanes that was planned in detail could not be executed due to Typhoon Domeng. Thanks for these brilliant shots, Colove Studios!

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    A Woodland Fairytale Themed Shoot at Baguio City Camp John Hay, Philippines

    It was a beautiful and sunny morning at Baguio City Camp John Hay when this gorgeous shoot took place. Conceptualised by Gathered Creative Co., the ambience created here is one with a deep appreciation for nature. This shoot was done in Ayala Technohub in CJH, a beautiful outdoor location lined with firs, which made this feel like something out of a fairytale. Thanks for these brilliant photos, Helium Hearts by Marlon Capuyan!