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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine April 2021 – Issue 34

    Fuss-free and light-hearted weddings take centre stage this issue, as we share stories of couples who kept things intimate with a small reception – or ditched their reception in favour of a photography session. When it comes to wedding venues, your imagination is your limit, from the traditional cathedral or ballroom to a boutique hotel or even the Tipi Tent at Night Safari in Singapore. In all our stories, each couple found beautiful ways to make the venue their own with simple additions. As for bridal portraits, the pandemic’s travel restrictions have meant that couples are limited to destinations within their own countries, but do not despair. See how photographers…

  • Photo by pixioo. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    Bridal Portraits with Amazing Coastal Scenes and the Famous Streets of Taiwan

    How these fantastic bridal portraits take us back to beautiful Taiwan! The gorgeous coastal scenery and bustling streets evoke a sense of nostalgia that infuses much character into this lovely couple’s shots. Thank you for the brilliant work, Pixioo Photography. Known for its rich culture and colourful offerings, Taiwan allowed this couple to truly shine in their chosen outfits. Dressed in a touch of retro for their city shots and looking oh-so-elegant in the coastal surrounds, they were completely at ease with each other and before the camera. Bridal portraits like these are so special for couples in their early years of marriage, as they create memories that will be…