• Photo by Savour Production. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Obidos, An Old Walled Town In Portugal

    Here’s another way of doing a destination wedding photoshoot – explore a place that neither of you have been to before. For this you’ll want to arrive at least a day earlier to discover it together and soak it all in so that you’ll be more comfortable during the shoot. King Law of Savour Productions: “Obidos is a medieval town located 100 km north of Lisbon. It is one of Portugal’s most classic walled settlements. There was a medieval festival on the day of our shoot, so there were people dressed up in costumes from the Middle Ages, and colourful flags and banners hanging everywhere. The whole town was very…

  • Photo by Hugo Coelho Fotografia. www.theweddingnotebook.com
    Destination Bridal Portraits,  Love Stories

    Lisbon, The Charming Capital Of Portugal

    There is something about post-wedding portraits that we can’t quite put words to. They are always more beautiful and serene, perhaps because the pressure of pulling off the perfect wedding is over. Or it might be the joy of starting a new journey. Whatever it is, they somehow have a way of touching our hearts. The best thing about these photos – the couple from Singapore actually found a local photographer online to capture everything so perfectly. Great choice, Angeline!