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    White On White With A Hint Of Gold At Ungasan Clifftop Uluwatu

    It was the high point of their lives, a splendid day filled with joy and thankfulness as the couple prepared to transition from courtship to marriage. The camaraderie and laughter, the happy tears, the pride on the parents’ faces, the elation of being pronounced “man and wife” – all these and more were part of this dignified celebration at Ungasan Clifftop Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia. Cheers to the beginning of a new chapter, and many thanks to Punyan Photography for these meaningful captures!

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    The Wedding Notebook Magazine October 2017 – Issue 20

    One of our favourite things about the weddings that we’ve seen this year is the way couples are breaking away from cookie cutter celebrations. Brides no longer look for only that which is beautiful, but they are beginning to find ways to infuse their personalities into their weddings and focus on what truly matters. Many are also choosing to make their big day a lighthearted affair and all about the people that they love. In this issue, you will see that our weddings have a “something different” section that shows how couples stepped away from convention. And check out the couple who drove around New Zealand in a motorvan for…

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    Punyan Photography

    Website www.punyanphoto.com / Facebook Punyan Photography / Instagram @punyanphoto / Email inquiry.punyanphoto[at]gmail.com / Contact Number +62 8193 3051 918 / Address Jalan Raya Cemagi, Mengwi Badung, Badung, Bali Punyan Photo are two wedding photographers in Bali who share the same passion: capturing the biggest day in most people’s lives, their wedding. Their philosophy is simple: they want to be like a tree; even though the roots seem small and fragile, they are able to support the entire tree. In the same way, Punyan Photo might just be two humble photographers, but they hope to capture extraordinary images through their work. [instagram-feed id=”2125626054″ num=15 cols=3 showheader=false showfollow=false showbutton=’false’] >