• Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    An Intimate Autumn Reception At Tamarind Hill Singapore

    Lydia and Chad-son’s wedding reception is a great example of how the right venue can help couples to cut down on the cost of wedding décor. Tamarind Hill Singapore turned out to be the perfect choice for their romantic autumn theme, with the elegant black and white colonial setting and lush greenery fitting the look to a T. Another plus point of the venue? It was a great spot for some pretty portraits before the reception started, and it also allowed the newlyweds to have a warm and intimate reception where they got to spend quality time with the people they care about. Many thanks to Bloc Memoire Photography for…

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    A Great Impromptu Wedding Video

    We totally understand how a bride would have sleepless nights in the weeks prior to her wedding, as she thought about all the better ideas she could have implemented. We just never expected someone to actually be courageous enough to pursue the matter and actually make something happen. This entire video, from the brainstorming process to production to final editing, was done in a week by Rekord Haus. It is seriously good, and we can’t help wondering what they could have come up with, given more time. We definitely love the storytelling and art direction, but more than that, we are moved by the couple’s thoughtfulness in including their parents.…

  • Photo by Milan Teh. www.theweddingnotebook.com
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    When Picking Up The Bride Requires Passports And Flight Tickets

    Most bridal couples would have done a separate tea ceremony and wedding for either side of the family, but this groom knew it would mean a lot to his wife-to-be if he did this, and he wanted to honour both sets of parents. So he brought the entire bridal party with him on an unforgettable adventure to Kuala Lumpur and back to Singapore. We have to agree with Milan Teh – the bride in her wedding gown on the plane with the entire bridal party is rather cool. Thanks, Rekord Haus, for the awesome video as well!

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    Rekord Haus

    Website www.rekordhaus.com.sg / Facebook Rekord Haus / Instagram @rekordhaus / Vimeo Rekord Haus / Email sales[at]rekordhaus.com.sg / Contact Number +65 8197 8355 / Address 1 Thomson Road, #03-336E, Singapore 300001 Your wedding is one of the most significant moments of your life, but between all the handshakes, hugs and well-wishes, you just might be too exhausted to remember those precious moments later on. Rekord Haus is here to capture the tears welling in your partner’s eyes as you say your vows, the approving look your dad gives you as you walk down the aisle, and your grandmother’s frail arms as she wraps them around you. In short, they will photograph…